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Student Ombudsman

About the Student Ombudsman

The position of Student Ombudsman has been established by the University to ensure its students receive fair and equitable treatment across all aspects of the student experience, and in particular with regard to the resolution of grievances and complaints.

The Student Ombudsman is impartial and is not an advocate for either students or for the University.

The Student Ombudsman has direct access to all levels of the University, including executive officers such as the Vice-Chancellor and President, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) as well as heads of school, academic and administrative staff as and when required for the fulfilment of the performance of their duties.

The role and powers of the Student Ombudsman

The role of the Student Ombudsman is set out in the Student Ombudsman - Operational Policy

The Student Ombudsman can:

  • assist students to clarify the outcome sought and to navigate the student grievance resolution process
  • refer students to additional support services such as counselling, academic skills development or advocacy services
  • provide procedural advice to staff members involved in handling complaints, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures.

The Student Ombudsman cannot:

  • provide advice to students as to the merits of their case
  • advocate on behalf of students to decision makers
  • investigate matters in which the complainant is not a student or a former student of the University
  • investigate any matter in which there is a real or perceived conflict of interest (an Assistant Student Ombudsman may be appointed to investigate the matter), and
  • review any decision of the Student Academic Appeals Committee or Student Misconduct Appeals Committee.

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