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Study abroad

at UniSC, Australia

Discover a world of opportunities and broaden your horizons.

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to expand your horizons and gain valuable experiences that will set you apart in today's global market. At the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC), we're committed to providing an exceptional Study Abroad experience that will complement your educational career goals.

UniSC's Study Abroad program is a short semester-based program, allowing you the flexibility to study three or four courses (36 or 48 units) over one semester.

Why Study Abroad at UniSC?
  • Flexibility to study three or four courses (36 or 48 units) over one semester, or a full year (8 courses)

  • Experience a great option for high school leavers who want to study abroad without committing to a degree, or want to briefly study abroad, while earning credit towards a home degree

  • Be provided with life-changing opportunities, but also an academic and cultural adventure – allowing you to move overseas, and continue studying, while fully experiencing the Australian culture

  • Be located in the sunny state of Queensland on Australia’s east coast. UniSC is only a short drive north of the state’s capital, Brisbane

Study Abroad program information



CRICOS code(s)

Sunshine Coast (main campus)

026639B (1 semester) 

056828D (Full year)


Delivery mode

Semester 1 (February)Semester 2 (July)

3 or 4 courses per semester


Indicative 2024 fees ($AUD)

0.5 years (1 semester)1 year (2 semesters)

Only a full-time option is available to international students on a Student visa. Online programs are not available to Student visa holders.

A$11,500 (1 semester)

A$23,000 (2 semesters)

UniSC program code(s)

Program page

UU301 (1 semester)

UU302 (Full Year)

Refer to the Study Abroad program page for the most up-to-date information.


Diploma program information

We also offer a range of Diploma (1-year) degree programs.

By choosing UniSC’s Diploma program, and on successful completion, you will graduate from UniSC with a recognised qualification from the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

You can use your overseas study experience to gain an international perspective, and a cultural experience and make yourself stand out from the crowd. If you are eligible, you could earn up to 50 per cent credit for prior study and complete the Diploma in one semester.

Study location: 


Sunshine Coast

Semester 1 (February) or;

Semester 2 (July)

Program length (full-time): 

One semester (with credit)

Two semesters (without credit)



At UniSC, we offer our international students a range of scholarship opportunities.

In addition to the scholarships listed below, international students should also check with their home institution and government to find out if other scholarship options are available to them.

Please refer to the International Scholarships page for more information about 2023 and 2024 scholarships.

Frequently asked questions

I am a US student. How many credits will I get for my studies at UniSC?

Credit at UniSC, as for most Australian universities, is not directly linked to the number of hours a student attends class for a given course. This means that the concept of ‘credit hours’ does not exist at UniSC or other Australian universities.

In general, most UniSC courses have an equal credit weighting or ‘unit’ value worth 12 points regardless of the course level or the number of teaching contact hours (some exceptions apply). Whether courses are introductory or developing and graduate level, or whether they have 3 teaching contact hours or 6 teaching contact hours, the number of units or credits for each course is 12. There may be some exceptions to this general rule.

Commonly, US institutions award 3 or 4 credits per approved course undertaken at UniSC, or 12 to 16 credits, for a full-time course workload per study period.

How do I apply to study?

If you are currently studying at a US institution, we would recommend you to contact your International Office at the first instance to discuss your Study Abroad opportunities at UniSC. You can find out more about applying to study at UniSC by heading to our international Apply Now page.

What are my accommodation options at UniSC?

There are a variety of accommodation options close to campus whether you want to live in a student village, share a house or find a place of your own.

Many students studying at the UniSC Sunshine Coast campus choose to live in one of the three privately owned, fully furnished accommodation complexes that are conveniently located next to the University. UniCentral, Varsity Apartments and The Village all offer modern self-contained accommodation in resort-style complexes and are linked by a pathway to the campus, just an easy three-minute walk away. You can read more about accommodation here.

What are some of the support services available at UniSC?

There are a number of different support services available to you at UniSC. From study and career support, through to counselling and other student services, you’ll have the assistance you need to thrive, and excel in your studies.

Orientation and Welcome events: Orientation at UniSC is held the week before the start of each semester. UniSC also hosts Connect Week in Week 2, which gives students an opportunity to get to know fellow students and attend workshops, events and much more. Student Guild also hosts a range of activities including movie nights, trips and much more.

Academic and study support: UniSC offers learning resources including online advice, one-to-one support and academic skills workshops.

Health and well-being: Take care of yourself while studying in UniSC’s range of health and well-being services.

Careers and employment: Arm yourself with the information and advice you need to get your career heading in the right direction.

Student Success: The Student Success team can connect you with resources to help you become a more successful student.

Counselling: A free, confidential counselling service with a qualified psychologist is available to all students.

Disability and equity: If your studies are affected by a disability, learning disorder, injury or illness, AccessAbility Services can provide assistance, advocacy and academic support.

Start your Study Abroad adventure with UniSC

You can apply directly to UniSC via the international application portal. If you're applying via a University, please contact your home university's international office for more information. You can also choose from a range of full-degree program options.


Get in touch and find out more about your Study Abroad options with UniSC!

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Thomas Skinner (USA)

Studying abroad at UniSC was one of the best decisions I ever made. I found the campus had a vibrant and welcoming community of students and staff. The location on the Sunshine Coast was also a huge plus with endless beaches, national parks, and charming towns to explore.

The academic program was challenging and engaging, and I was able to take courses in a wide range of subjects. In addition to the academic benefits, studying abroad at UniSC also helped me to grow personally by pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me to become more independent and confident.

I would highly recommend studying abroad at UniSC for anyone looking for a unique and enriching experience that will broaden their horizons and help them to grow both academically and personally.

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