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Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry

Ensuring our natural landscapes are used responsibly and sustainably is of the highest priority. UniSC research is creating a sustainable future, impacting how forests and aquatic environments are managed, protected and best utilised in Australia, and around the world. Our research examines how to effectively balance economic and environmental outcomes.

Our research

Forest Research Institute

Forest conservation research, making direct and meaningful contributions to the sustainability of our wooded landscapes.

The Institute is comprised of three Centres, Forest Industries Research Centre, Tropical Forests and People Research Centre and the National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life.

Centre for Bioinnovation

Improving societal outcomes and supporting ecosystems through a focus on aquaculture, conservation and biodiversity.

Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research

Collaborating with Pacific peoples to provide evidence-based solutions and sustainable pathways for the future.

Research spotlight

Re-forestation for people biodiversity and climate

The Tarsier Project is a large-scale reforestation project providing research to address key knowledge gaps on how to implement reforestation at scale with communities for socioeconomic and environmental benefits. 

A family plants trees for forest restoration in Thailand. Photo supplied via Professor Andy Marshall
15 ways to reforest the planet: UniSC research

International scientists are calling for a ‘decade of global action’ to reforest the planet following the publication of a themed international journal led by researchers from UniSC.

New hope for endangered perch

Professor Elizur has taken part in world-first research project where hormone stimulant therapy technology has been applied to an endangered species in Australia.