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Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research

The Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research (ACPIR) is a multidisciplinary research centre that provides a focal point for the expertise and experience of researchers connected through their capacity to make a significant contribution to knowledge and impact in the areas of primary production, community health and the environment in the Pacific Islands region.

The Pacific Ocean covers a third of the surface of the planet and contains thousands of islands, most settled by people long before their discovery by Europeans. An almost unmatched diversity of cultures across a diversity of island types has created unique challenges that our Centre seeks to address.

Living mostly in rural coastal communities, the livelihoods of Pacific peoples are increasingly threatened by climate change and natural disasters. While acknowledging the deep-rooted cultural resilience of Pacific communities, future challenges are unprecedented and are in many places amplified by health concerns arising from recently changed diets and livelihoods.

The Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research (ACPIR) is concerned with developing practical evidence-based solutions in collaboration with Pacific peoples to address such concerns, and develop sustainable pathways for the futures to which they aspire.


Research areas

Aquaculture and Agriculture
Sustainable production systems

Most Pacific Islanders source their livelihoods from the land or sea. Agriculture and aquaculture production are essential to economic development, sustainability and livelihoods.

Pacific Islands village
Environmental sustainability

Sustaining the viability of island environments is about survival. The ability of Pacific Islanders to sustain livelihoods has been repeatedly challenged by extreme events and longer-term impacts of climate change.

Village house
Peoples and cultures

Understanding Pacific peoples and cultures enriches us all. In an era where globalisation is forcing ever greater cultural homogeneity, the importance of understanding diversity and its roots in history and circumstance is clear. 

Pacific Islands fruit
Nutrition and health

Food environments in the Pacific have changed dramatically in recent times. Understanding food environments and dietary behaviours in the Pacific Islands informs strategies to improve health in those communities.

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