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Discover the significance of ACPIR's new motif.
An ACPIR motif with meaning

Thanks to a collaboration with UniSC’s Design Course Coordinator and students from the School of Business and Creative Industries, ACPIR has a print pattern with a motif that represents our work and significant emotional connection with the Pacific Islands.

The co-design project involved five ACPIR researchers attending design tutorials where they overviewed their research and shared stories of their experiences in the Pacific Islands as well as their passion for the region and its people. To further inform students, a fabric designer from the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (SROS) explained the traditional hand-printing process and the importance of cultural and environmental aspects as inspiration within Pacific Island patterns and designs.

Student creator of winning design entry on computer screen.
Selection panel deliberating over the new ACPIR motif.

Our selection panel chose Zhen Lian’s entry as the winning design from 55 student submissions.

Zhen, who spent a week researching, brainstorming, sketching and finalising her design, says she enjoyed learning about the Pacific Islands and ACPIR’s work.

    “This experience was incredibly valuable to us as students. I’ve realised designing not only allows me to hone my skills and creative mind, but to also connect and learn a lot from clients.” 

Inspiration for Intricate Design

Zhen said the circles in the design form a simple magnifying glass shape and contain question marks, symbolising curiosity, research, discovery, problem solving and analysis.

The question marks, made from a wave-like pattern, suggest the ocean which surrounds the Pacific Islands, providing valuable food and resources.

The motif’s diamond shapes are inspired by pineapple skin and represent agriculture, nutrition, health and the tropics, while rows of tiny houses signify people, family and a strong sense of community and cultural resilience.