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Active Grants

In partnership with Indigenous and Pasifika communities, in-country partners, international and Pacific Islands-based funding bodies, the Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research (ACPIR) and our core members hold the following Active Grants.

FIS/2016/122 Increasing technical skills supporting community-based sea cucumber production in Vietnam and the Philippines Vietnam and Philipinnes Prof Paul Southgate Vietnam and Philippines
Psychological Adaptation to Climate Change in the Pacific Prof Patrick Nunn Pacific Islands
FIS/2019/122 Towards more profitable and sustainable mabé pearl and shell-based livelihoods in the western Pacific Prof Paul Southgate; Jeff Kinch; Dr Siola'a Malimali Pacific Islands
HORT/2019/165 Enhanced fruit systems for Tonga and Samoa (Phase 2): Community based citrus production Prof Steven Underhill; Dr Sarah Burkhart; Dr Dana Craven; Ms Tara Johnstone; Dr Yuchan Zhou; John Chapman; Sarah Burkhart; Dr MIke Furlong; Soane Patolo; Mr Minuro Nishi Jr.; Ms LUseane Taufa; Seeseei Molimau-Samasoni Pacific Islands
Evolution. Morphodynamics and History of the Younghusband Peninsula Prof Patrick Nunn; Prof Patrick Hesp; Prof Colin Murray-Wallace; Dr Christopher Wilson; Dr Toru Tamura; Prof Sergio Dillenburg; Dr Graziela Miot da Silva; Adj/Prof Robert Bourman; Dr Roger Luebbers; Dr Ian Moffat Australia
CS/2020/191 Adopting a gender-inclusive participatory approach to reducing horticultural loss in the Pacific Prof Steven Underhill; Seeseei Molimau-Samasoni; Soane Patolo; Assoc Prof. Nichole Georgeou; Dr Salesh Kumar; Dr Saskia De Klerk Pacific Islands
Elucidating the impact of oxidative stress on the early development of human placental villi using human stem cell derived placentoids Dr Georgia Kafer; M Dean; J James Global
HORT/2021/159 Understanding School Food Provision in the Pacific: Scoping the potential of local food systems to improve diets, nutrition and livelihoods Dr Sarah Burkhart; Danny Hunter Pacific Islands
The Blue Economy Sandfish Resource Enhancement - Mauritius Prof Paul Southgate; Cathy Hair; Nguyen Dinh Quang Duy; Mr Satish Kadun Mauritius
Pacific Agriculture Scholarships, Support and Climate Resilience (PASS-CR) Program Prof Steven Underhill; Dr Daniela Medina Hidalgo; Dr Elizabeth Swanepoel Pacific Islands
Maintaining momentum within the pearl livelihoods sector in the western Pacific Prof Paul Southgate Pacific Islands
Regional partnership for localization of NDC through community led ‘adaptation innovation hubs’ in the Asia Pacific Prof Patrick Nunn; Ms Roselyn Kumar Pacific Islands
The MaMi Project: Investigating maternal micronutrient availability and impacts in Vanuatu.

Dr Georgia Kafer; Dr Barnaby Dixson; R. Thurecht; The Vanuatu Ministry of Health 

A blood vessel like no other: How does blood flow across the placental surface impact function?

J James, A Clark, Dr Georgia Kafer and C Moares

Seeing is achieving: Bolstering research capacity at UniSC through the acquisition of laser-scanning confocal and live-cell imaging microscopes

Dr Georgia Kafer (lead), T Perkins, R Harvey, F Russell, M Dean, H Faddy, M Maugham-Macan and R Sekine

Water security for locally relocated coastal communities in the western Pacific region Prof Timothy Smith; Ms Roselyn Kumar; Prof Patrick Nunn; Dr Carmen Elrick-Barr; Dana Thomsen; Tony Falkland; Ian White; Ben MacDonald; Mark Glover Pacific Islands
Phase II Traditional Knowledge and Local Knowledge (TLK) Prof Patrick Nunn; Ms Roselyn Kumar Pacific Islands
Climate-smart regenerative ridge to reef landscapes for sustaining livelihoods of communities on custom land and food security in Vanuatu New Project Dr Cherise Addinsall; Prof Steven Underhill Vanuatu, Pacific Islands
An investigation of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) professionals’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic: A global perspective Dr Matthew Mason Global
School Feeding in Kiribati Dr Sarah Burkhart Kiribati
Supporting resilient and equitable food systems: oyster mariculture enterprises and an exploration of co-culture of seaweeds in coastal communities in Fiji and northern Australia Dr Elizabeth Swanepoel; Samantha Nowland; Dr Alexandra Campbell; Wayne A O'Connor; Prof Paul Southgate Fiji and Australia
Nutrition and food security in the Pacific Islands Dr Sarah Burkhart; Prof Steven Underhill Pacific Islands
FIS/2016/126 Half-pearl industry development in Tonga and Vietnam Prof Paul Southgate, Bay Phung, Dr Thane Militz Tonga and Vietnam