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View recordings of past ACPIR events, Pacific Seminar Series and Masterclasses.

ACPIR Masterclass - 23 November 2023

Cultural Intelligence: Connecting meaningfully across cultures - Dr Saskia de Klerk, A/Prof Salesh Kumar and Ms Courtney Anderson

Visiting Scholar Presentation - 25 October 2023

Marine tourism research and pathways towards marine conservation - Prof Serena Lucrezi

ACPIR Masterclass - 27 July 2023

Research practice and engagement in the Pacific

  • Respectful engagement in the Pacific Islands for research and publications with Dr Lee McGowan, Dr Kasey Symons and Prof Yoko Kanemasu
  • Using Critical Participatory Action Research (CPAR) in projects to empower local Pasifika communities and Dr Cherise Addinsall
ACPIR Masterclass - 11 May 2023

Engaging with the media to elevate your academic credibility and expertise - ACPIR researcher and UniSC Prof Patrick Nunn, UniSC Marketing & Communications Clare McKay and AusSMC director of news and partnerships Lyndal Byford.

Pacific Seminar Series - 29 March 2023

Climate change, climate variability, and early warning systems in the Pacific - Prof Scott Power

Pacific Seminar Series - 22 February 2023

Women rocking the fish world in the Pacific!

  1. Agribusiness development for women in aquaculture in Fiji - Salote Waqairatu-Waqainabete
  2. A framework for assessing women's engagement in community-based fisheries management in the Pacific using a case study from Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands - Sheridan Rabbitt
Pacific Seminar Series - 16 November 2022

Dialogue from the field: Embracing strengths and voices to codesign a gender inclusive seaweed program in SamoaDr Libby Swanepoel and Ulusapeti Tiitii

Pacific Seminar Series - 25 October 2022

Opportunities for developing coffee as a foundation crop for resilient livelihood systems in the Pacific Islands - Dr Richard Markham and Dr Wayne Hancock

Skills Session - 13 October 2022

The importance of learning about monitoring and evaluation for research and development  - Dr Dani Medina Hidalgo

Pacific Seminar Series - 28 September 2022 

Putting conversation at the heart of a community - Meleli Qera

Skills Session - 8 September 2022

Build an engaging online research profile - Kirsty O'Callaghan

Pacific Seminar Series - 31 August 2022

United Nations World Food Programme - Mike Sackett

Skills Session - 11 August 2022

Presentation skills for the HDR candidate - Natasha Kitano

Pacific Seminar Series - 27 July 2022

Histories, herstories, of women’s soccer in Oceania - Dr Lee McGowan

Skills Session - 14 July 2022

Human Research Ethics: Applications and key considerationsA/Prof Andrew Crowden and Angela Bestard

Skills Session - 9 June 2022

Some thoughts on working in the United Nations system - Mike Sackett

Pacific Seminar Series- 8 June 2022

Pacific Climate Warriors Brisbane: Storytelling to create social change - Mary Harm

Skills Sessions - 11 May 2022

Academic Writing and Introductions - Dr Lee McGowan

Pacific Seminar Series - 27 Apr 2022

Building Resilience in Rural Communities on Vanua Levu: Conservation, Education, and Eco-Tourism Projects in Natewa Bay. Presented by Sara Carlson and Matthew Norman

Skills Sessions - 6 April 2022

From Research Proposal to Confirmation Document - Dr Sara Hutchinson

Pacific Seminar Series - 30 Mar 2022

How does technology adoption interact with socio-cultural change amongst smallholder farmers in Papua New Guinea? Presented by Prof George Curry​ and Assoc Prof Gina Koczberski

Pacific Seminar Series - 23 Feb 2022

Intensification of sweetpotato production in Papua New Guinea: strengthening supply chains, high performance planting material and improving plant protection, presented by Prof Phil Brown and Dr Bree Wilson

Pacific Seminar Series - 8 Dec 2021
The food environment and COVID-19 in Samoa: A photo essay, presented by Dr Ramona Boodoosingh and Dr Sarah Burkhart.

Pacific Seminar Series - 24 Nov 2021
Agricultural export value chains in the Pacific – moving from opportunity to reality?, presented by Dr Bronwyn Wiseman and Andrew Piper.

Pacific Seminar Series - 27 Oct 2021
Big is beautiful, skinny is sick: Generational health perspectives of Māori & Pacific Island communities in South East Queensland, presented by Inez Fainga'a Manu-Sione.

Pacific Seminar Series - 29 Sep 2021
Agroforestry, ecotourism and agribusiness: how a tree-to-bar chocolate maker seek to contribute to developing sustainable livelihoods in rural Fiji, presented by Dr Richard Markham.

Pacific Seminar Series - 25 Aug 2021
Toksave Pacific Gender Resource:
A New Home for Research on Gender in the Pacific,
presented by Lindy Kanan.

Pacific Seminar Series - 28 Jul 2021
The Use of Drones to Support Local Communities in Fiji, presented by Dr Javier Leon.

Pacific Seminar Series - 30 Jun 2021
The Pacific Island Food Revolutionpresented by Robert Oliver.

Pacific Seminar Series
- 26 May 2021
The importance of building relationships when working with Pacific Islanders, presented by Pamela Lysaght.

Pacific Seminar Series - 28 Apr 2021
Productive partnerships: Tropical rock oyster farming in the NT, presented by ACPIR member Dr Samantha Nowland.

Pacific Seminar Series - 14 Apr 2021
Gathering evidence and supporting multi-stakeholder engagement on the role of diets and food systems in the prevention of obesity and non-communicable diseases in Fiji, presented by ACPIR core member Dr Sarah Burkhart, Tarli O’Connell and Itziar González.

Pacific Seminar Series - 31 Mar 2021
Food Loss in the Pacific, presented by ACPIR director Professor Steven Underhill.