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Sustainable production systems

Agriculture and aquaculture production are essential to economic development, sustainability and livelihoods.

Most Pacific Islanders source their livelihoods from the land or sea. Agriculture and aquaculture products and enterprises support rural and regional communities, providing poverty alleviation and positive health impacts. However, production systems in the region are very fragile, and socio-economic potential is often not realised. Through trans-disciplinary research and development, ACPIR works closely with local stakeholders, communities, regional governments and other agencies to unlock potential and create sustainable impacts.

Key researchers
Aquaculture and Agriculture

Research themes

Aquaculture-based livelihoods

The Aquaculture-based livelihoods research team combines science, economics and social science to develop industries and programs that are profitable, sustainable and culturally appropriate.

Taro Plants
Agricultural food systems

Our research on subtropical and tropical postharvest horticulture systems in the Pacific centres on developing supply chains for wider food security, poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihood development outcomes.

Pacific Island Handicrafts
Capacity building

ACPIR’s work in developing sustainable livelihoods involves collaborating with Pacific partners in capacity building initiatives to empower the region’s producers, researchers and policy makers to help themselves and achieve stronger economic independence.