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Ecology and environment

Interactions for a sustainable future


Genecology Research Centre

Research themes include aquaculture, conservation and biodiversity, microbiology and biodiscovery.

Pine forest
Forest Research Institute

Forest conservation research that is making direct and meaningful contribution to the sustainability of our wooded landscapes.

Aquaculture Raft
Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research

Collaborating with Pacific peoples to provide evidence-based solutions and sustainable pathways for the future.

Research spotlight

Seaweed quadruples fish immunity

The Seaweed Research Group has found that a small amount of a pink seaweed called Asparagopsis, added to the diet of farmed rabbitfish, improves their innate immune response. four-fold.

Alarming drop in marine species

USC ecology researchers, examining data on the distribution marine species since 1955, to assess the impact of climate change on species diversity across latitudes, confirms a drop in species from rising sea temperatures.

Koala at Qld Zoo
Koala vaccine roll-out underway

USC is leading the roll-out of a koala chlamydia vaccine to help survival of koalas in South East Queensland and NSW where chlamydia affects 50 percent or more of the koala population.