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Health, medicine and wellbeing

UniSC research is improving the quality of human life around the world. Teams are tackling disease, improving our understanding of the effects of ageing and finding new ways to address mental health challenges. Clinical trials bring new discoveries and medical breakthroughs more quickly to those who need them. The impacts are life-changing.


Thompson Institute

The Thompson Institute is a world-class hub for neuroscience research, teaching, advocacy and clinical services.

Research tackles dementia, suicide prevention, post-traumatic stress disorder and youth mental health with an integrative approach that sees research breakthroughs quickly translated into clinical practice.

Centre for Bioinnovation

Using bio-inspired approaches to contribute to drug discovery, disease diagnostics and therapeutics.

Centre for Human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems

World leading research in the areas of Human Factors, Sociotechnical Systems, and Systems thinking to optimise people, technology and their environment.

Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research

Contributing to knowledge and impact in primary production, community health and the environment in the Pacific Islands region.

Research spotlight

Brain ‘fingerprinting’ provides insights into mental health of young adolescents

Medical imaging of a person’s unique brain signature – much like a fingerprint – has the potential to predict mental health problems in young adolescents, according to a world-first study by University of the Sunshine Coast researchers.

Fireworks in the sky, chaos in the mind

Explore the stories and research behind the multimillion-dollar national PTSD Centre, set to be formed at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Thompson Institute,

UniSC clinical trial of potential new influenza vaccine

UniSC Clinical Trials will soon begin a clinical trial at its Moreton Bay centre at Morayfield to assess the safety and tolerability of a potential new influenza vaccine.


UniSC's research facilities offer powerful new ways to learn, space for simulation and experimentation in locations that foster participation, exchange and innovation.

Sunshine Coast Health Institute building forecourt
Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI)

Located alongside Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH), SCHI offers proximity to health professionals and patients and has state-of-the-art facilities and simulation suites.

Two women standing in modern library
Clinical Trials Centre

The world-class Clinical Trials centre brings advanced diagnostics and breakthrough therapies to the world, improving access to cutting-edge medicine.

Visualisation and simulation

UniSC has some of the most sophisticated facilities for immersive visualisation and simulation in the world with enhanced benefits for teaching and research.