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Human behaviour, work and society

Behavioural insights to improve our world


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Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research

Collaborating with Pacific peoples to contribute to knowledge and impact primary production, community health and the environment in the Pacific Islands region.

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Thompson Institute

The Thompson Insititute brings new understanding to factors impacting mental health through novel clinical and neurobiological studies including world-first, five-year Longitudinal Adolescent Brain Study (LABS), cyberbullying impacts research and other teaching, advocacy and clinical services for many of Australia's most pressing mental health issues.

Research spotlight

Overcoming gender-based learning barriers

New research shows key neurological differences between boys and girls impacting how they learn, giving parents and teachers new insights to address gender differences in learning.

Making the world a safer place

Professor Paul Salmon has recently been named one of Australia’s top researchers for his work to understand why accidents and injuries happen