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HDR Industry Internship

UniSC provides you with an opportunity to undertake a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Internship (a short-term research project) with an industry partner during your PhD program. There is increasing demand in both private and public sectors for profound expertise, innovative capabilities, and advanced research and analytical skills.

Throughout the HDR Internship, you will strategically apply design thinking to enhance or create solutions for industry challenges. This experience promises to not only contribute to your academic growth but also instil practical problem-solving skills that are highly sought after in the professional landscape.

UniSC strongly encourages you to take on an HDR Internship during your PhD program and to source an industry partner ideally no later than the first 18 months of your candidature for full-time equivalent candidates.

You may choose to complete the Internship at any point throughout your program (your candidature may be paused while you do so), or you can undertake it while your thesis is under examination. Please note there are conditions to candidature suspension, particularly for international students, which will be discussed with you during the application process. For more information contact the Graduate Research School or discuss with your proposed supervisor.

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