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Australian Cycling Academy

The Australian Cycling Academy is all about creating a better future for Australian cyclists, on and off the bike and was founded by former professional cyclists Matt Wilson and Ben Kersten.

The journey for the ACA started with a vision to provide young cyclists with the best environment to reach their potential in cycling and beyond. The ACA’s athlete-centric model integrates high-performance, tertiary study and professional mentoring, from a single hub at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

As part of the ACA, the ARA I Skip Capital Continental Professional team compete in a comprehensive national and international racing program, delivering high-level race experience for athletes.

The ACA’s alignment with the University of the Sunshine Coast’s High-Performance Sports Precinct offers athletes an integrated approach to training and studying. ACA athletes have full access to UniSC’s world-class facilities.

The tertiary scholarship program, run in coordination with UniSC, aligns young athletes with professional mentors, and assists athletes with the costs of tertiary study.

The ACA offers athletes the opportunity to study and learn professional skills while they chase their sporting dreams based in one of the best cycling destinations in the world.

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