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High Performance Sport

At USC, high performance athletes achieve at the highest level in study, research, training and competition with purpose-built facilities and support from world-leading coaches, performance development specialists and sport and exercise scientists.

High Performance Student Athlete Program

With USC's high performance student athlete program elite athletes can achieve their personal best in study and sport.

Nationally-accredited facilities

World-class athletes train side by side in nationally-accredited facilities, providing an edge in high level competition, training and recovery.

Physical performance coaching

Physical performance coaches (PPC) use assessment and screening, individualised training and conditioning, required recovery and overall load management to help high performance athletes achieve their athletic potential.

Gym workout with trainer
Strength and conditioning

The USC Sport Clinic enables athletes to access the knowledge, expertise, and support of sport and exercise scientists.

USC Clinics

USC Clinics offer students practical experience and professional services to the wider community.

Study sport at USC
Research opportunities

Add to a body of work that includes biomechanics, exercise physiology, psychology, coaching, and motor control and learning. Specialist research laboratories are accredited by the Australian Institute of Sport.

Study sport and exercise science

Looking for a career in sport? Interested in how the human body works? Learn to harness the power of human movement and use exercise to help people recover from illness or injuries.

Resident teams

Sunshine Coast Lightning

The Sunshine Coast’s first national sporting team, Sunshine Coast Lightning, won the national championship in its first season.

Australian Cycling Academy
Australian Cycling Academy

Former national champions Matt Wilson and Ben Kersten have teamed up with Sunshine Coast Council and USC to create a better future for Australian cyclists.

USC Spartans Swimming

USC is home to the USC Spartans Olympic and Paralympic swimming squad.

High Performance Sport News

Charli Shore
How Charli Shore found her feet in the adrenaline-charged world of wakeboarding
27 Apr 2021

HPSA Charli Shore talks about her sporting journey.

Stephanie Walsh
Where it all began for Stephanie Welsh: 'I was beaten in U10s and then found my fire'
20 Apr 2021

HPSA Stephanie Welsh talks about her sporting journey.

Hallum Went
Surf Boat Rower Hallum Went studying a Bachelor of Accounting (Commence) at USC Sunshine Coat
13 May 2020

HPSA Hallum Went talks about his sporting journey and how the HPSA program benefits him

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Professor Brendan Burkett
Professor Brendan Burkett - Director, High Performance Sport

Professor of Sport Science Brendan Burkett OAM is the driver behind USC’s High Performance Swimming Program.

Dr Mark Sayers - Deputy Director, High Performance Sport

Dr Mark Sayers has an extensive background in the biomechanics of team sports, technique analysis, and the development of sports specific speed and power.

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USC's team is comprised of highly qualified professionals who are also athletes with decades of personal experience and knowledge.