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USC Netball Academy Coaching Program – Terms and Conditions

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USC Netball Academy Program for Coaches: A program of activities and services, specific to coaching of netball, including training, coaching, strength and conditioning, mentoring, nutrition, psychology, administration and organisation, motivation and goal setting, rules and policy, ASADA, WADC and drug testing, media, match play, career development, and general activities at the Academy’s discretion.


By submitting this registration you confirm your understanding that the Program will include a range of activities, to be finalised at the discretion of UniSC, designed to provide opportunities to further develop netball coaching and associated skills.

By submitting this registration you confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions relevant to the Program and your participation in the Program.

By submitting this registration you confirm you agree that you will comply with all the requirements set out these terms and Conditions, as well as those that may be imposed from time to time, by UniSC (including such requirements or directions as may be made by Academy staff and volunteers).

By submitting this registration you confirm and acknowledge that:

  1. UniSC accepts no responsibility in respect of loss or theft of articles belonging to you whilst participating in the Program. Further UniSC accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage including personal injury and death, resulting from the activities undertaken during the Program
  2. You acknowledge and understand that participation in the Program can be physically demanding, and that there are inherent risks in participation (including risk of personal injury or illness to the participant and/or property damage/property loss resulting from their participation, including overexertion, equipment failure, dehydration, serious accidents and course and weather condition).
  3. You understand that there are inherent risks associated with participation in the Program, which may result in personal injury to you and that you fully accept and agree to bear those risks.
  4. You are medically and physically fit and otherwise capable of participating in the Program without detriment to your health, physical condition or safety.
  5. You have disclosed to UniSC any injuries suffered by you, or medical conditions (including psychological) relating to you.
  6. You authorise UniSC and its employees to act on your behalf should you require urgent and immediate medical attention. In the event you require medical care or treatment, you agree to be financially responsible for any costs incurred as a result of such treatment.
  7. UniSC reserves the right to alter any arrangements for the parts of the Program, including to vary the locations (within 10km of the scheduled locations) and times of any clinic by prior email notice to the address listed for you
  8. A workshop/clinic or other parts of the Program will be cancelled if conditions are deemed unsafe for the workshop/clinic to proceed, or if there are insufficient numbers to run a workshop/clinic, or staff and resources are not available for the workshop/clinic or other part of Program to be conducted. Where the workshop/clinic or other parts of the Program is cancelled due to prevailing conditions an email will be sent by 7:00am on the day of the workshop/clinic or part of the Program to the email address provided in this Agreement. A notification will also be placed on the Academy Facebook page.
  9. UniSC reserves the right to vary the Program or clinic content and the personnel running the clinics or other parts of the Program without prior written notice.
  10. You must conduct yourselves at all times in accordance with the requirements of UniSC, including the policies and procedures of UniSC.
  11. UniSC may instruct that you cease involvement in the Program or related clinics or other part of the Program, if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate or unsafe.
  12. The program does not constitute a binding offer for the Participants involvement in the Program or any related course, activity or event at, or conducted by UniSC, alone or in association with any other entity, and is not a representation to be relied upon in relation to selections, opportunities or any other activity, except as set out in this Agreement.