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Marguerite Westacott

Bachelor of Visual Arts, Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), Master of Educational Studies (Guidance and Counselling)

  • Associate Lecturer, Tertiary Access Studies
+61 7 5456 5912
Office location
SD J.5.03
Sunshine Coast
Marguerite Westacott

Marguerite has a multidisciplinary background in Visual Arts, Education, Guidance and Counselling and Art Therapy; therefore, her work history has been in education, private practice, small business and the community sector; where she continues to volunteer. Her employment roles have included teaching, leadership, counselling, art therapy, consulting, curriculum development and governance.

In Marguerite’s role as a course coordinator and tutor at UniSC, she has enjoyed creating innovative learning experiences that include embedding mental health and wellbeing, game-based learning and career development into curriculum.




Marguerite's multidisciplinary background has now culminated in her current PhD focus which is a study using art-led research to explore the implications of concepts from the field of Futures Studies on career education curriculum. Why? Because career is about human actions, and our actions have implications for the world we live in. Using a critical Futures focus, I am interested in whether our innate human anticipatory aesthetic towards futures, has potential to  inform career education curriculum that could proactively meets the agency needs of more than human futures.

Teaching areas

  • TPP101 Academic Skills for Success
  • TPP102 ICT for Academic and Professional Applications
  • TPP108 Professional People Skills for Study, Community and Society

Marguerite Westacott is an Associate Lecturer in Tertiary Tertiary Access Studies. She currently teach across TPP101, TPP102 and TPP108.

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