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COU715 Crisis and early intervention

This course explores various theories of mental health crisis and examines a range of models of community based care providing alternatives to inpatient hospitalisation. It examines the importance of the social system and the need for an understanding of the social context of crisis development, in order to effectively achieve crisis resolution. It will examine the evidence base and explore various models of care and the importance of fidelity, both in Australia and internationally. It explores the difference between emergency and crisis and examines appropriate responses to both. Further, this course will examine the knowledge and skills necessary for intervening in acute mental health crisis situations to manage acute episodes including the need for early recognition and intervention to avoid escalation and possible relapse.

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COU710 and COU711 and COU712 and COU713
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  • Sunshine Coast: Not Currently Offered
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1.4A:Social Work, Counselling, Welfare Std, Human Welf nec 0905XX
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