CSC201 Data Structures and Algorithms - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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CSC201 Data Structures and Algorithms

Not available until Semester 2 2021 This course covers computational techniques and problem-solving tools that are central to the efficient solving of algorithmic problems. Techniques for designing efficient algorithms and mathematical analysis of time-and space-complexity of algorithms, including worst-case, average-case and best-case complexity, are also discussed. Students will learn efficient techniques to evaluate the use of data structures and algorithms to construct solutions to complex problems. Topics covered include lists, stacks, queues, priority queues, search trees, hash tables, and graphs, as well as recursion, sorting and searching algorithms.

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Semester of offer Subject to change
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 2
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Band 2
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Mathematics,Statistics,Computing,Built Environment,OtherHlth:
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