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What to expect

When you enrol in Headstart, you become a UniSC student completing university-level courses. You will find new and exciting opportunities and challenges as you experience university study first-hand. You can expect to:

University may seem like a big step, but you'll be supported by UniSC and your school. As a Headstart student, you'll also have access to UniSC's student support services, and staff are on hand if you have any questions. Your school is also there to help you balance school and university.

Your commitments

As a Headstart student, you will be required to:

  • attend the Headstart Orientation session at your campus
  • attend lectures, tutorials and workshops/laboratory sessions
  • complete assessment items on time and contribute to group assignments and presentations
  • check your University student email account regularly
  • pay fees due, including any late fees or fines incurred
  • abide by the rules and policies of the University
  • have regular meetings with your School Coordinator to discuss your progress, and
  • notify UniSC Student Central in writing if you wish to withdraw from your course
Time commitments

You should allow at least 10 hours per week for your university study. This is divided between attending lectures and tutorials on campus (three to five hours) and individual study such as readings, research and assessment. Classes run between 8am and 9pm and most courses offer a number of class time from which to choose from.

It is important to maintain a balance of schoolwork, university work, exercise, family commitments and social activities. Use the commitment planner (PDF 36KB) to help you map out your weekly schedule.

You should also talk to your school about your options—you may be allowed to drop one of your high school subjects for a UniSC course, or change lines or class times to suit your schedule.

UniSC's commitment to you

The University will:

  • offer guaranteed entry to most UniSC degrees upon successful completion of two or more courses as part of the Headstart program, where the student has also successfully completed Year 12 *
  • provide Headstart students with the rights, privileges and responsibilities granted to other UniSC students
  • provide feedback to schools about student progress and results
  • provide a copy of academic records to the school
  • grant academic credit for a successfully completed course on subsequent enrolment to a related UniSC degree

* Minimum selection thresholds and prerequisites must be met

In addition, UniSC is also is committed to providing appropriate support throughout your Headstart experience.

  • Headstart Orientation will introduce you to university essentials before you get started.
  • UniSC lecturers and tutors will provide you with feedback on your progress throughout the semester.
  • Support staff may contact you during the semester to see how you are going, and they are always on hand if you need assistance.
Your school's commitments

Your school is there to help you balance school and university. You should talk to your Headstart Coordinator if you need help. In addition, your school is committed to:

  • nominating students who have the ability, motivation and basic knowledge to successfully undertake the Headstart program,
  • providing appropriate support including counselling and academic support,
  • holding regular meetings to identify any problems and reporting these to UniSC, and
  • notifying UniSC’s Student Central in writing of any problems, absences or the inability to complete a course.