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Tertiary Support Option (TSO)

What is the Tertiary Support Option (TSO)?

The Tertiary Support Option (TSO) assists undergraduate students to successfully progress in their studies. Students who have undertaken one semester of full/part-time study would benefit most from this option. However, some students in their first semester of study may benefit from a TSO course. Also, students experiencing challenges further into their undergraduate program, for example with Maths or Chemistry course content, may benefit from undertaking a relevant TSO course.

The TSO uses Tertiary Pathway Program (TPP) courses to assist students to gain the academic skills and knowledge to become a more effective learner. Students will be enrolled in a TPP course(s) alongside courses required for their undergraduate program, with the Tertiary Support Option appearing on their transcript as a separate program heading. Grades for TSO courses will not count towards a student’s undergraduate program Grade Point Average (GPA).

Am I eligible to do TSO?

To be eligible to do a TSO course, you must be also be enrolled in at least one undergraduate award course during the semester. If you withdraw from all your undergraduate courses prior to census, TSO courses will also be cancelled.

In the semester, you can enrol in a combined total of four undergraduate award and TSO courses.

If you have successfully completed a TPP course, you cannot repeat that course in TSO.

How do I apply for TSO?

Domestic students

Contact Student Central to identify the most appropriate TSO course(s). The Application for Tertiary Support Option Enrolment form must be completed and signed for approval. There is no cost to enrol in the TSO if you are a Commonwealth Supported student who is currently studying an undergraduate program.

International students
  1. You must contact USC International to determine if you are eligible to undertake the TSO. If eligible, they will provide written approval on the Application for Tertiary Support Option Enrolment form.
  2. Take your approved form to Student Central to identify the most appropriate TSO course(s) and finalise the form.

Who do I talk to about TSO?

What happens next?

Once approval has been processed, you will be advised via your USC student email to enrol in approved courses in USC Central.