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How to change your program

What degree should I study?

Career planning is a lifelong process. It involves a series of decisions considered over time as your life priorities and opportunities change. For university students, career planning is about choosing a career path related to your field of study and preparing you for employment. A range of career resources are available via Career Development.

Changing your program

If you have completed at least one semester of study in a USC award program (either successfully or unsuccessfully) prior to the Study Period in which your program change will become effective, you can apply to change your program of study. The admission criteria in place for new students will also apply for all students wanting to change program. Not all programs are available to be commenced in each semester, please check the program web page prior to submitting an application.

Students who apply for a program change effective from Semester 2, 2019 onwards who already have majors and/or minors registered will only be able to transfer the existing major/minors across to the new program if they are required in the new program. Non-required major/minors cannot be transferred. Courses completed towards a major/minor may be able to be transferred to the new program (subject to program requirements and will be assessed at the time of application) however the non-required major/minor will not appear on your academic transcript.

Applications for Semester 2 have now closed. Applications to apply for a program change effective from Semester 1 2021 will open in September.

If you are receiving a scholarship, prior to submitting an application please contact Scholarships to check if changing your program will affect your ability to continue to receive your scholarship.

If you have not completed a semester of study in a USC program (eg deferred commencement of your program or withdrew from your first semester of study prior to census date), you will need to apply through QTAC (domestic students only).

Do not use this form to add or change a major/minor within your existing program. To add or change a major/minor within your existing program please visit Request to change required Majors and Minors.

If you are a postgraduate student, you will need to re-apply for the new program using the Application for Postgraduate Coursework form.

International postgraduate students will need to re-apply for the new program via USC International.

International students studying on a Student visa who are considering a program change that impacts on their overall duration of study are advised to discuss their program change intentions with the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) to identify potential impacts on their Student visa.

If you are a current student at USC and wish to change your program of study, you should first visit Career Development and consider making an appointment with the Career Development Team.

You may be eligible for exemptions or credit transfer from your previous study.