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Non-Year-12 entry

Whether you have completed Year 12 or not, consider the many admission pathways available to USC non-Year-12 applicants.

Year 12

Non-Year-12 applicants who have completed an Australian Year 12 qualification or an international equivalent in the past, can apply for undergraduate study at USC via QTAC.

Your Year 12 grades obtained in Queensland (ATAR and OP/OP ineligible), from interstate or overseas, will be converted to a selection rank.

Queensland Senior External Examination

The Queensland Senior External Examination gives you a Year 12 level qualification without having to attend high school. You can use the Senior External Examination if you:

  • Have no formal Year 12 qualifications
  • Previously completed Year 12 but your results were not high enough for tertiary entry
  • Need to satisfy subject prerequisites for entry to a program

Senior External Examination subjects meet USC subject prerequisites. Completing two or more subjects can also give you a selection rank.

Tertiary studies

If you have completed or partially completed an Associate Diploma, Advanced Diploma or a minimum of two courses (subjects) of a degree, your grades will be converted to a selection rank. In some cases, you may be eligible for credit for prior learning.

TAFE/vocational studies

A TAFE/AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) Certificate III or IV, a RATE (Register of Australian Tertiary Education) Certificate or Advanced Certificate can also provide an admission pathway to USC. In some cases, you may be eligible for credit for prior learning.

Other admission pathways via QTAC

If you have not obtained a Year 12 qualification or completed tertiary or vocational studies, there are a number of other admission pathways to USC:

Tertiary Preparation Pathway

If you are unable to gain entry to university through QTAC without first gaining additional qualifications, the Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP), USC's bridging/enabling program, can provide a pathway. If you already qualify for entry, you may want to complete the TPP to upgrade your skills and knowledge needed to succeed in university studies.

On successful completion of the Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP), you can apply directly to USC for undergraduate programs.

Other bridging/enabling programs

If you have completed an approved bridging/enabling program at another institution, your grades will be converted to a selection rank which may help you gain entry into a USC undergraduate program. Check with Student Central about which bridging/enabling programs USC accepts.

Indigenous Direct Entry and Access Scheme (IDEAS)

If you identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person, you may be given direct entry to a program based on your potential to succeed through IDEAS. To be eligible for IDEAS, applicants must complete the online form.