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Studying overseas at the University of Wyoming!

Hey Everyone! My name is Camille Beddoes and I have just been on a semester abroad at the University of Wyoming. As soon as I arrived in Wyoming I knew it would be a very different experience to home. It was about negative 15 degrees Celsius when I got to UW (American’s got very confused when I started talking temperature as they do things in Fahrenheit!) and heavily snowing. Laramie is a small town high up amongst some of the prettiest scenery and mountains I have ever seen.

As soon as I arrived, I fell in love.

Not only is everything like a snow covered postcard, but everyone I met was so kind and welcoming straight away! UW organises an orientation for all international exchange students and it was such a great way to meet a whole group of new people going through exactly what you are! I met some great people and we went adventuring straight away. We went hiking and snow shoeing in Medicine Bow National Forest and Vedauwoo which had all of these beautiful huge rocks to climb around, as well as lots of ski trips up to Snowy Range Ski Hill, which was one of my favourite places. I experienced living in an American dorm, which I would definitely recommend as it was the best way to meet other American’s and I made such good friends with the other people on my floor.

It was basketball season, so we went to many basketball games which is right on campus in a huge auditorium, and the freezing snow was perfect for lots of campfires and marshmallow roasting after the games. The local Cowboy dance saloon was also one of the best experiences of my trip, they take their country dancing seriously out in Wyoming so we went to a few line dancing lessons which UW host, and then we tested our skills out with the locals (who have all been doing line dancing since birth!) It was the most fun and became a regular night out for me! Also the bar stools in Wyoming were saddles, so cool!!! I also went to a real rodeo which was just out of town and couldn’t believe the way people fly off the bulls when they get tossed around and bounce right back up.

Unfortunately, right before I was due to fly to Canada for spring break was when the Corona pandemic hit and my trip was abruptly ended, and I had to fly home. I still would definitely recommend study abroad to anyone thinking about it, it was by far the most incredible experience of my life and now I have great friends all over America that I have a fantastic excuse to go back and visit!!

The world needs more Cowboys!! Go Pokes







Camille Beddoes

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