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Multidisciplinary approach to plastic waste in Nepal

A group of UniSC students travelled to Nepal as part of their UniSC program. Supported by New Colombo Plan funding, students had the opportunity to work directly with organisations and communities in Nepal to tackle the global issue of plastic waste.

Studying overseas at Umea University, Sweden

Hear from Lilly, a Social Science (Psychology)/Criminology and Justice student, who recently completed a semester overseas at Umea University, Sweden.

Studying overseas at the University of South-Eastern Norway

Hear from Brooke, a Bachelor of Recreation and Outdoor Environmental Studies student who studied overseas at the University of South-Eastern Norway!

Studying Overseas at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Hear from Mikaella, a Bachelor of Arts student who recently studied for a year overseas at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Japan.

Studying overseas at Moravian University

Hear from Bachelor of Environmental Management student Anna Mills about her time studying overseas at Moravian University, USA

Studying at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Hear from Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology student Lachlan, who studied overseas in the United States

Student looking at Eiffel Tower
Studying overeas at Paris School of Business

Hear from UniSC Bachelor of Business (Marketing) student Rachel, who studied overseas in Paris.

Jessica Whyman
2022 NCP scholarship recipient heads to Malaysia

Two UniSC students have been given the chance to study overseas while pursuing unique opportunities like challenging gender perceptions through toys in Malaysia and promoting sustainability in the Pacific - after being awarded scholarships through the New Colombo Plan.

Two students study overseas in the International Winter University program in Germany

Annette and Detroit were successful recipients of a scholarship to study overseas in a short term program at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda, Germany.

NCP scholars travel to Japan

Two USC students majoring in Japanese language will have the opportunity to hone their skills further in Japan next year thanks to an esteemed Australian Government scholarship.

Jack Barden playing with sled dogs in Norway.
Studying overseas at NTNU, Norway

Hear from Jack, a Bachelor of Business student who is completing a year abroad at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Photo of international student smiling
Study overseas in Stockholm University, Sweden

Hear from Kirsty, a Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts student who studied overseas in Sweden.

Students canoeing
UniSC students in Malaysia and Borneo

A group of UniSC students travelled to Malaysia and Borneo as part of their program. Supported by NCP funding, students had the opportunity to put their acquired skills into practice in Malay and Bornean national parks.

IT scholar takes her studies to Korea

A USC student working towards a career as an ethical hacker has gained a prestigious $68,000 Australian Government scholarship to travel to South Korea and Singapore in 2021 to learn more about cybersecurity.

Camille Beddoes
Study Overseas at the University of Wyoming

Hey Everyone! My name is Camille Beddoes and I have just been on a semester abroad at the University of Wyoming.

Luke Booker
Study overseas at Akita International University, Japan

Hear from Luke, a third year Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) student who studied overseas in Japan.

Elaine Galore
Australia Awards student attends key agricultural events

Elaine Galore, a UniSC Australia Awards scholar attended a number of key events as part of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research program. Elaine was one of a select group of students invited to attend as she works towards completing her Master of Science program.

Teddie Barker
Study overseas at University of South-Eastern Norway

Hear from Teddi, a Bachelor of Creative Writing student who studied overseas in Norway.