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Studying overseas in Paris!

Hey guys!

My name is Rachel and I recently just got home after an amazing semester overseas at Paris School of Business (PSB) in Paris and I want to share with you a bit of my experience!

The Study Overseas program allowed me to not only continue getting through my degree but to travel to Europe which had always been a dream of mine, merging the best of both worlds. After being unsure of where exactly to study, I landed on the decision of Paris due to the unique, some would say challenging culture to immerse oneself into, especially as a non-European. However, after growing up on the Sunshine Coast, I was ready for a complete change in environment, from a small beach town to a huge city. This choice was good for me as I became a local in such a big city, getting to see not only the tourist attractions but the little nooks and crannies of the city only few know about. My favourite part of Paris had to be the night life, not only great clubs, bars and restaurants but the amount of people around anytime of the night, made for a great atmosphere.

PSB was in a great spot of the city, very accessible and close to everything making it super versatile. Getting taught by professors from France, Greece and Germany, offered me different perspectives and tactics of marketing and improved my ability to understand strong accents! The University provided many opportunities to socialise with other students by offering many clubs to join, hosting galas and inviting everyone on a ski trip to the French alps!

Another great catch of Paris is that it is so accessible to the rest of Europe, during breaks and the end of semester I got to travel to Belgium, Greece and Croatia, which were bucket list items of mine. The people you meet during your semester are by far the biggest reward of this program. Not only did I get to live with and spend time with people all around the globe, I made a lifelong friend of a fellow Australian that I would not have met if I didn't move across the world. The benefits are endless and it’s an experience you don’t want to say, ‘I wish I'd have done that’. DON’T MISS OUT, go have the time of your life you will never regret it!

~ Rachel
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

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