K'gari Research and Learning Centre - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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K'gari Research and Learning Centre

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A centre for research, engagement and education

Based at Dilli Village, the K’gari Research and Learning Centre (Fraser Island) provides accommodation for students and staff, and access to field study sites for primary, secondary and tertiary student groups.

Researchers and groups with genuine environmental interests in the region are encouraged to use the site.

Programs and courses

K’gari is a unique natural environment to explore and an ideal location for learning, scientific research and community education opportunities.

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Research and engagement

Building a coordinated research agenda on K’gari has become increasingly important for USC.

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Dingo on Fraser Island

Education and school activities

Students can explore K’gari’s unique ecosystems from the comfortable base at Dilli Village.

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Accommodation and bookings

Information about the accommodation and facilities available at Dilli Village

What to bring

K'gari-Fraser Island is a national park with limited facilities in some areas - here are some suggestions as to what to bring to the island.

Maps and directions

Maps and information about how to get to K'gari-Fraser Island and Dilli Village.

K'gari-Fraser Island news

USC Newsroom
New centre helps visitors discover wonders of K'gari
25 February

A new interpretive centre will open on K’gari (Fraser Island) next week to help increase understanding, appreciation and conservation of the world’s largest sand island.