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Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research (ACPIR) Summer Research Scholarship

Applications are now closed for 2021

The Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research (ACPIR) Summer Research Scholarship (ACPIR SRS) program provides an opportunity for undergraduate, including honours, students to be part of a research team and participate in research.

The ACPIR SRS program will provide undergraduates with increased exposure to research as a career pathway and enhance their employability. Students in the program will have an opportunity to learn about the research process, be involved in a project, network with other researchers, postgraduate peers and professionals, and start to develop their research track record.  Research skills are transferable, making this experience useful, even for those who may not decide to pursue research as a career option.

Depending on the ACPIR SRS project, students will undertake research activities, such as literature reviews, develop data collection tools, collect and/or analyse data, present findings and/or undertake consultation with stakeholders. Undergraduate students will be mentored by an academic supervisor from ACPIR and also a postgraduate peer throughout the ACPIR SRS program to help develop research skills, personal skills (for example, time management, communication skills), and career planning. They will be immersed in a mentoring culture and be encouraged to work with the project team in contributing to a publication/other output as a named author (for example: conference abstract, report, research publication, policy brief).

For the Summer period 2021-2022, ACPIR are offering 3 research scholarships – one for each of the following 3 projects:

  1. Developing a tool to assess school food environments in the Pacific Islands (ACPIR supervisor Dr Sarah Burkhart)
  2. Construction of a dataset documenting pearl exports from Papua New Guinea (ACPIR supervisor Prof. Paul Southgate)
  3. Evaluation of the PAC24: an innovative online dietary assessment tool designed for Pacific Island countries (ACPIR supervisor Dr Libby Swanepoel)

Undergraduate students (the ACPIR SRS participants) are paid a stipend for participation in the SRS of $3,000 for the 8-week program. The scholarship will be paid in instalments over the SRS period.

The ACPIR SRS will be 8 weeks in duration and held over the Summer (2021/2022). There is flexibility in the days/times that the student can work, and this will be negotiated at the start of the ACPIR SRS.

  • current Undergraduate or Honours students enrolled at USC

See specific projects for additional project specific requirements

Selection criteria
  • written statement detailing the folllowing points:
    • preference given to students with an interest in conducting research /working in alignment to an ACPIR research area
    • intention/motivation for ongoing study/research and pursuit of a Higher Degree by Research (HDR)
    • career / research aspirations
  • academic merit, based on GPA

See specific projects for additional project specific requirements

Eligible programs
Undergraduate and Honours programs at USC
Number available

A$3,000 paid in instalments