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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student life

Meet new friends, learn, grow and represent as a proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person at UniSC. You'll join a strong campus community made up of many people, with many stories, from different backgrounds, ages, cultures, and locations. There's a culture of belonging, with opportunities to connect with your own culture and identity, while forging friendships with people from all walks of life.

Get social and settle in

There's lots of opportunities to meet other students, enjoy activities, events and have fun on campus throughout the year. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student orientation runs each semester and it's a great way to transition into university life as a new student. Don't be shy. You are invited! We look forward to meeting you.

Elders in residence

Our Elders are on campus for regular drop-in sessions each week during semester. Share their academic and cultural knowledge and experiences personally while you study. They can offer support to find your mob or help with your journey of identity.

Culturally safe spaces

Meet and study alongside other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in dedicated cultural spaces. Come in for a cuppa. There's kitchen facilities, study spaces and lots more. Elders and Indigenous Services staff are available to have a yarn too.

Opportunities to lead and learn

When you first start out, you might like to be linked with support and mentoring. Soon enough, you'll be ready for opportunities to represent, mentor and lead yourself. Consider becoming an Indigenous Student Ambassador while you study at UniSC.

People who share the journey

At UniSC you'll find lots of people who understand, and services to help. There's everything from cultural, academic and financial support to conference sponsorship, employment services, health and personal support services. Reach out at any point—we are here for you.

Join a team or club

Do you enjoy sports? You can participate in events like the Indigenous Nationals—a week long multi-sport competition and there's also student sport clubs and teams. If team sports aren’t your thing, you'll find gyms, yoga and a range of classes too. Look out also for activities, clubs and societies where you can champion causes, connect with student associations, subject area groups and much more.

Share cultural events and dates

Recognise and share Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander significant dates at UniSC with activities and events held throughout the year.

Impact through research

Do you want to find new answers to questions, discover information and expand knowledge in an area that interests you? You can make a real impact in our society and world and contribute to knowledge through research at UniSC. Explore opportunities for further study as a research student.


Dr Aunty Judi Wickes
Dr Aunty Judi Wickes at UniSC Sunshine Coast has helped many students connect with their heritage..

Celebrate success

Graduation is one of our favourite times of year. We make a pretty big deal of it. Join us in celebrating our graduate and student's achievements. You can take part in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student sashing ceremonies, Graduation events and more.

As a UniSC student you'll join many successful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people making their mark at UniSC, and on the world. We look forward to meeting and sharing the experience with you.

USC graduates celebrate after their graduation ceremony


There's lots of opportunities to get involved in university life.


Explore all that's happening and apply now to start studying at UniSC in 2023. Make UniSC your first preference.

Student support

At UniSC we've got your back through your entire studies – from the moment you walk onto campus to the day you graduate.

Life at UniSC

Whether it’s practical work experience or the chance to pursue a lifelong passion, to connect with your community or to travel, we’re here to help you realise every opportunity

Visit a cultural space, phone +61 7 5456 5889 or email indigenous@usc.edu.au to learn more, or connect on Facebook.