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Trials for possible cholesterol vaccine to begin in Moreton Bay

A possible vaccine for elevated cholesterol is set to be trialled in Moreton Bay at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

The trial, sponsored by biotech company Vaxxinity based in the United States, is a “phase one” trial to test the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine in people with elevated cholesterol, and will take place at UniSC Clinical Trials in Moreton Bay.

The team is now on the lookout for participants who meet the study’s eligibility criteria to attend the trial at the state-of-the-art Health Hub Doctors Morayfield facility.

Principal Investigator on the project Dr Chris Moller said the investigational medication had been developed to help prevent heart disease caused by elevated cholesterol.

“This is an opportunity to help us find a vaccine for elevated cholesterol, potentially preventing the establishment of heart disease in people who may be at risk of the condition,” Dr Moller said.

“Low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (LDL-C), also known as “bad” cholesterol, can cause plaque to build up inside arteries and lead to heart disease.

“Decreasing and maintaining low levels of LDL-C can reduce the risk and help prevent heart disease in the long-term.”

The UniSC Clinical Trials team is looking for individuals aged between 18 and 75-years-old with elevated cholesterol who are not currently taking any prescribed medication to control it.

Eligible participants will be required to attend approximately 14 visits, plus eight phone calls, at the Morayfield clinic over the course of around 34 weeks.

Those interested in volunteering can find more information at

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