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UniSC supports charter to combat sexual harm

The University of the Sunshine Coast has welcomed the release of a ‘Charter on Sexual Harm’ to support the ongoing work universities and other organisations are doing to address the prevalence and impact of sexual violence and harassment.

The charter by Universities Australia, with the support of the University Chancellors Council, is designed to drive new and improved measures to build on the many initiatives already in place across the nation.

UniSC Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Helen Bartlett, said Australia’s universities were united in their stance against sexual violence and harm.

“UniSC is committed to ensuring our campuses are a safe, respectful place for our students, staff and visitors,” Professor Bartlett said.

“Our support of the measures outlined in this charter reconfirms our ongoing commitment to preventing and responding to sexual assault and sexual harassment that may impact members of our university communities.

“UniSC is engaged in a continuous improvement process to develop, implement, report and evaluate initiatives to address sexual harm.

“As a sector, as institutions, and as individuals, we all have a responsibility to continue combatting this concerning problem, because rates across the nation remain unacceptably high.”

The charter includes commitments to:

  • Strengthening, developing and implementing policies that make clear that sexual harm is unacceptable, acting against any violations of those policies, and taking allegations seriously, regardless of the seniority or status of the person against whom a claim is made.
  • Clearly educating and informing our communities of where and how to report incidents of sexual misconduct, sexual harm, sexual assault or sexual harassment and how to best access support.
  • Providing support to all people who report sexual harm and victims of sexual harm, including: providing access to trauma-informed and culturally appropriate support services; enabling confidential disclosure mechanisms; and supporting those who choose to report to the police.
  • Providing clear and easily accessible processes for anyone who chooses to make a report seeking appropriate action against any members of our organisations.

Read the full charter here.

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