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Rotary USC Community Fund Postgraduate Scholarship

2023 Rotary Postgraduate Scholarship recipients

Rotary Postgraduate Scholarship

The Rotary USC Community Fund (RUSCCF) was established in 1996-97 and first awarded in 2001 by the combined Rotary Clubs of the Sunshine Coast. Rotary Postgraduate Scholarships are awarded annually to students who have completed their undergraduate degree at UniSC and have enrolled and commenced postgraduate studies at either the Master or Doctorate levels at UniSC.

The RUSCCF Committee is made up of representatives from 17 Rotary clubs from Caloundra to Noosa. Each club is encouraged to make an annual contribution to the Fund at the RUSCCF Annual Joint Meeting and Dinner. To date, the combined clubs have contributed more than $220,000 to the Fund and have awarded 68 scholarships to UniSC students.

The Scholarships are valued at $4,500 each and three scholarships are awarded each year.

Rotary USC Community Fund Committee

Secretary: Mr Graham Barnes     Chair: Mr Dan Thomasson


2023 Rotary Postgraduate Scholarship recipients

Rotary Postgraduate Scholarship Alumni

  • Charlotte Raven (Rotary Australia Centenary Scholarship)

  • Lisa Musgrove

  • Kirsty O'Callaghan

  • Lisa Randall
  • Thomas Banks

  • Shannon Horsfall

  • Thomas Lang

  • Dylan Astley

  • Aaron Brunton

  • Cameron DeGraw

  • Brittany Elliott

  • Kaylene Ballard

  • Elin Pollanen

  • Andrew Allen

  • Makeely Blandford

  • Joanne Boon

  • Luke Hawley

  • Kaylet (Kye) McDonald

  • Ryan Newis

  • Lara Meital

  • Gail Loader

  • Rachele Wilson

  • Alessandra Whaite

  • Andrew Allen

  • Marion Brown

  • Karina Rune
  • Daniel Meloncelli
  • Bruce Randall
  • Eva Hatje
  • Benjamin Lane
  • Lauren Simmons
  • Jennifer Castell
  • Corinna Burgen-Maunder
  • Cathryn Morriss
  • Michael Gardiner
  • Danielle Formosa
  • Jacob Turner
  • Roslyn Clapperton
  • Lee-anne Bye
  • Clark Taylor
  • Kate Fitzgerald
  • Felicity Templeman
  • Katie Sutter
  • Jamila Rosdahl
  • Nubia Ramos
  • Wayne Graham
  • Michael Powell
  • Judy Wickes
  • Vikki Shaffer
  • Joanne Freeman
  • Greg Nash
  • Robert Lamont
  • Luke Keioskie
  • Vikki Schaffer
  • Rachel James
  • Stephen Tucker
  • Gai Van Hees
  • Maria Arena
  • Wayne Graham
  • Lindsay Cripps
  • Craig Hansen
  • Robert Glen
  • David Walton
  • Duncan Thompson
  • Helen Ison
  • Catherine Titheridge

Recognition of contributions

The following Clubs have been presented with plaques in recognition of their various levels of cumulative contributions to the Fund. The University is grateful for the long standing and generous support provided by all Rotary Clubs.