2020 - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Parent Lounge Update


Career clustering can help your child navigate post-school choices
16 Apr

Our ability to earn an income is one of our greatest assets, and while choosing a career has never been easy, it’s even more complicated these days.

Student Profile: The future is digital
16 Apr

As technology reshapes the world right before our eyes, we explore how the next generation of workers will tackle a changing future.

Tips for learning at home during COVID-19
16 Apr

Many parents and caregivers have suddenly found themselves in shut-down home-schooling situations.

Does your child want a Headstart at uni?
17 Feb

Has your child ever thought about starting university while still in high school? USC’s Headstart Program allows Year 11 and 12 students to get a taste of university life by studying first-year uni subjects on campus and gaining credit towards a future degree.

How cyberbullying affects your brain: study reveals
17 Feb

Cyberbullying has a measurable impact on the brain even if you are just watching, according to world-first research from USC’s Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience - Thompson Institute.

Off on a new adventure
17 Feb

It is the time of year when small children have shiny new shoes, when hats are just a tad too big for the heads they cover, when backpacks seem bigger than the bodies which carry them, and when there are nerves about school – from either child or parent or both.

USC Moreton Bay interior
What's new at USC in 2020
17 Feb

2020 has kicked off with a flying start as we saw a record number of students receiving offers to begin degrees at USC in Semester 1 following a major expansion of the University in Moreton Bay.

Career profile: Curious about Civil Engineering?
17 Feb

Ever wondered what a Civil Engineer does? Well they plan, design, build and maintain the infrastructure we rely on as a civilisation – including things like buildings, roads, water systems and more.