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Work Integrated Learning – What is it and why is it important?

It’s no secret that the best preparation for entering the professional workforce is gaining real work experience. At UniSC, there are lots of ways students can achieve practical experience during their university studies, or as we call it,  Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

Work Integrated Learning ensures students are well-equipped to seamlessly transition into their first job post-graduating from their degree. Whether it’s an internship, placement, or field-work experience, students have the ability to gain real insight into their chosen field, which can open up an abundance of opportunities for their future. From diving at an oyster farm to interning at Fox Sports, the options for practical work experience are endless.

How will your child benefit from Work Integrated Learning?

Put theory into practice: Students are connected with the best in the business to put the theory they’ve learned into practice, develop personal and professional skills, and find out what it’s like to work in their area of study.

Improve employment prospects: Your child’s resume will stand out from the pack and for specific programs, the work completed during WIL can be added to a professional portfolio. One of the best things about WIL is that it connects students with employers and industry professionals, allowing them to establish job networks and get a foot in the door for their career prospects.

Be supported by industry experts: At UniSC, we’re building industry relationships that will further empower our students with organisations including, Microsoft, DELL, EPIC GAMES, HavenXR, SMEC and many more. Our students have gained real world experience with organisations such as Royal Flying Doctors Service, ABC News, Cricket Australia and Australia Zoo, ensure that when they finish their studies they’re workforce-ready.

Increase confidence: By working alongside real professionals and gaining more experience in the workplace, your child will boost their confidence, allowing them to hit the ground running when it’s their time to enter the workforce

Enhance academic studies: By gaining real insight into their chosen field, students improve their academic performance and their motivation to study increases.

Work Integrated Learning is a key focus of our programs and we work hard to ensure that all students gain transferable skills that attract employers. When your child finishes their study at UniSC, you can feel assured that they’ll be workforce ready and hit the ground running.

UniSC's Bachelor of Animal Ecology students on their field trip to Hervey Bay as they gain hands-on experiences visiting natural world heritage areas.


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