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Is your child ready to apply for university? Here’s our step-by-step guide for navigating QTAC

QTAC applications are now open so it’s time for your Year 12 student to get their university plans sorted for next year. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide to help you and your child navigate the QTAC application process.

1. Choose a program

The first step is for your child to choose the program they’d like to study. UniSC offers more than 100 undergraduate programs. Your child can explore our programs by study area to help them decide.

If your child isn’t quite sure what to study, we’ve got some tips to help them to choose a degree.

2. Check entry requirements

Your child will need to ensure they meet the entry requirements for their chosen program. They must have completed any subject prerequisites for their degree and be eligible for an ATAR or selection rank equal to or above the minimum selection threshold for their degree.

You can find all entry requirements and thresholds on the relevant program page on the UniSC website.

3. Gather information to complete QTAC application

To save time when your child is completing their application, it’s best to have all information and supporting documents ready. Your child needs to provide:

  • The names and QTAC codes of the degrees they want to apply for.
  • The semester or study period they’re applying for (eg when they want to start their study).

4. Complete the QTAC online application form 

Now your child should be ready to complete their application!

Applications for most undergraduate degrees go through QTAC, so if your child is in Year 12 or finished school a few years ago, they will need to submit their application online via the QTAC website.

Your child will need to create a QTAC applicant account, enter all required information and pay the application fee.

Under the current QTAC application process, there is no official 'closing' date for applications. Instead, each offer round has its own due date to apply and submit documents.

It's best to encourage your child to complete their application as soon as possible, so QTAC has plenty of time to complete the assessment process. For more information visit the QTAC key dates page.

5. List your preferences

Your child can list up to six degree preferences on their QTAC application, with their preferred degree as first preference.

  • Preferences 1 and 2 – ideal programs – the ones your child would really like to study;
  • Preferences 3 and 4 – realistic programs – a way to the career your child wants or to a second choice career;
  • Preferences 5 and 6 – ‘foot in the door’ programs – the ones you are prepared to do if you miss out on all the others. The Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) is an excellent back-up option.

6. Apply for an early offer

If your child is in Year 12, they may be eligible to receive an early offer through UniSC’s Early Offer Guarantee. If your school is participating in the program, your child could receive an early offer based on the recommendation of the school Principal, and students don’t need to have an ATAR to apply. Offers are made as early as August, so students will have their university plans sorted before they sit their final exams.

Your child will need to complete the Early Offer Guarantee application form and nominate their preferred program. This program must match their first preference on their QTAC application.

7. Change your preferences (only if you want or need to!)

After your child submits their QTAC application, they can change their preferences up to three times free of charge. They can still change their preferences after this, although they will be charged a change fee each time.

8. Check the progress of your application

Your child can keep an eye on the progress of their application by logging into QTAC's application services. This is where they will see if they:

  • meet specific entry requirements
  • need to provide more information
  • have been made an offer

9. Receive an offer

If your child receives an offer, QTAC will let them know by email if their application is successful. UniSC will also send them an official offer by email with instructions on how to accept their offer and enrol in courses.

If your child has successfully applied for UniSC's Early Offer Guarantee program, they could receive an offer as early as 18 August.


You and your child can register to attend our Year 12 What’s next? Online information evening to hear more about how to apply through QTAC, the Early Offer Guarantee, scholarships on offer and more.

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