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Getting the most out of Open Day

Open Days are a great opportunity for prospective students and their parents to gain insights into the campus, programs, and overall university experience. By making the most of these events, your child can gather essential information and make informed decisions about their educational journey. UniSC’s Open Days are coming up on July 16 at our Sunshine Coast campus and 23 July at our Moreton Bay campus, so we’ve provided a comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of these events.

Create a plan:

Review the Open Day program in advance and create an agenda that aligns with your child’s interests. Your child should prioritise attending sessions and workshops relevant to their desired area of study and they should make a list of specific areas or questions they want to explore during the event.

Attend information sessions:

Take advantage of the information sessions offered during Open Day. At UniSC’s Open Day, information sessions are offered for each study area as well as each audience type – Year 10/11, Year 12s and mature age students. These presentations provide valuable insights into various aspects of university life, including how to apply, what to expect, support services, and campus life. Your child should also attend study area information sessions that cover their intended program/s, so they can better understand what they’ll be learning and the career outcomes, to help them make an informed decision about their choice of program.

Attend workshops and demonstrations:

UniSC’s Open Day offers a variety interactive workshops and demonstrations. Your child can participate in these activities to gain a hands-on experience related to their field of interest. It's a fantastic opportunity for them to see firsthand the types of things they will be learning in their degree.

Explore campus facilities:

Your child should make the most of campus tours to get familiarised with the university's facilities. They can visit lecture theatres, the library, laboratories, sports facilities and eateries to get a feel for the campus which will ease their transition into university life.

Visit the info hub:

The info hub is open all day and is the place for prospective students to get their questions answered. Your child can interact with academics, student central, admissions and other department staff to ask specific questions relating to their circumstances.

It’s a good idea to ask questions about the curriculum, teaching methods, research opportunities, and career prospects related to your child’s desired program. Your child can also enquire about the support services available, such as academic and study support, career counseling and health and wellbeing. Understanding the support network will help your child navigate challenges and make the most of their university experience.

Connect with other students:

Your child should take the chance to meet and connect with other prospective students attending the Open Day. They should engage in conversations, share experiences, and exchange contact information. Building a network of like-minded individuals can enhance your child’s university journey and create a support system from the start.

Reflect and evaluate:

After attending the Open Day, your child should take some time to reflect on their experience. Review the information gathered, the conversations they had, and their overall impressions. Consider how well the university aligns with their academic and personal goals.

Open Days are invaluable opportunities to gather crucial information, connect with academics and and gain a sense of the university's atmosphere. By planning your day, and engaging actively during these events, your child is best placed to make informed decisions about their future.

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