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If you have an interest in postgraduate study relevant to the Pacific Islands consider supervision by an ACPIR core researcher of an Honours, Master or Doctoral degree.

See a list of our student members and their research topics.


ACPIR has strong links with researchers, industry, community groups, government and non-government organisations related to the Pacific Islands. Our established and developing relationships, together with our sound reputation, enable us to have access to rich research environments and collaborations with a broad network of researchers, experts, professionals and communities in the Pacific Islands and the rest of the world.

ACPIR offers our students a supportive community with resources, mentorship, peer support and research project experience.

Nittya Simard

Achieve sustainable outcomes from your research that have a real impact on the lives of Pacific Islands people.

Enhanced research experience and employment opportunities

Much of our research is supported by the Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR), the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and other research-for-development funding bodies. Our HDR students and post-doctoral fellows have opportunities to gain valuable work experience on ACPIR research projects, publish with supervisors and enhance future career prospects in these research areas.

Contact a potential supervisor for your honours or postgraduate studies

We suggest browsing the profiles of ACPIR members to look for alignment of their expertise with your research interests. Contact them directly and include your CV outlining your work experience and the areas you are interested in studying. If you are unsure which academic to approach, email for advice on who may be able to support you in your research.

Research at UniSC

To explore options and pathways into Higher Degree by Research programs at UniSC visit Research students.

ACPIR HDR Support Grant Top-up Initiative

ACPIR recognises the strategic importance and high cost nature of undertaking research in the Pacific Islands. As some USC HDR students are not eligible to access the level of funding allocated to high-cost fields of education (according to RTP legislation), ACPIR offers a support initiative to bridge the funding gap between high and low cost fields and enable our students to conduct valuable research.
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We recommend exploring UniSC scholarships available for postgraduate research and the ACPIR Summer Research Scholarships for undergraduate students.

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