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Australian Forest Operations Research Alliance (AFORA)

AFORA is an alliance established by the University of the Sunshine Coast with Australian forest industry stakeholders to continue the collaborative forest supply chain research established by the CRC for Forestry. The objectives of AFORA are to deliver a collaborative applied research development implementation program to improve:

  • The understanding, management and control of forest operational costs for existing, evolving and new harvest systems;
  • The planning and management of value recovery within harvest operations; and
  • The application of optimisation to supply chain efficiency planning and management.

Working with the alliance participants AFORA has, and continues to develop, practical tools and industry reports.

AFORA Participants
Contact a Member of the AFORA Team

Professor Mark Brown
Tel: +61 7 5459 4483


Researcher — Machine Productivity and Biomass Harvesting
Dr Mohammad Ghaffariyan
Tel: +61 7 5456 5447


Senior Research Assistant — Harvest and Haulage Systems
Mr Rick Mitchell


Researcher — Onboard Systems and Operations Management
Mr Martin Strandgard
Tel: +61 3 9250 6872