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UniSC Arena

National-standard air-conditioned indoor sports arena.

The University of the Sunshine Coast has updated the name of its indoor sports facility to UniSC Arena.

It was previously known as USC Stadium.

The University's $24 million indoor sports facility is nationally-accredited, fully air-conditioned and seats more than 3,000 spectators. It is also home to Sunshine Coast Lightning, the Sunshine Coast’s first national sports team. They play home games and train alongside local school, grassroots athletes and community groups who also use the facilities.

The arena caters to a range of local sports at all levels of competition, including basketball, futsal, netball, badminton and volleyball.

UniSC Arena has:  

Acknowledgement of Queensland Government

The UniSC Stadium redevelopment project received A$9m in funding from the Queensland Government Department of Housing and Public Works (Sport and Recreation Services). The redevelopment contributed significantly in positioning the Sunshine Coast as a preferred training and competition destination for local, national and international athletes and teams, and positively impacted the development of the high performance sports industry on the Sunshine Coast. The views of the project do not necessarily reflect the views of the Queensland Government.

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A venue to motivate and inspire

UniSC has modern, fully-equipped and flexible event spaces to accommodate anything from a small meeting to a larger corporate function, exhibition or high-level sporting and media event.