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Alternative exam arrangements

The following information is for students who are registered with AccessAbility Services.

In-class (mid-semester) exams
  • In-class (mid-semester) exams are any exams/quizzes/tests that are not held in the centrally scheduled examination period
  • Negotiate alternative arrangements (if needed) with your course coordinator A COUPLE OF WEEKS BEFORE the exam
  • If the course coordinator cannot make the arrangements, notice must be made to AccessAbility Services AT LEAST FIVE WORKING DAYS prior to the exam date
  • Short-notice requests to arrange in-class (mid-semester) exam adjustments may not be able to be accommodated
Deadline for registering with AccessAbility Services for exam supports
  • Any requests after Week 9 must be due to exceptional circumstances and are at the discretion of AccessAbility Services
  • For approved alternative arrangements, you will receive an email from Student Central (Examinations Office) at the end of Week 12 that sets out the time and date of your end-of-semester exams – it is your responsibility to be familiar with these details
  • Requests for additions or amendments to your alternative exam arrangements CANNOT be made directly to the Examinations Office – such requests should always be directed to AccessAbility Services
Valid term for exam supports
  • Exam arrangements are valid for the term of the Learning Access Plan (LAP)
  • The valid term is outlined at the top of your LAP
  • You will be notified by email when you are no longer eligible for exam adjustments and you will be encouraged to re-register with AccessAbility Services
  • Not reading emails is not grounds for granting special consideration or a deferred exam
  • To re-register with AccessAbility Services, book an AccessAbility Services Call Back through Student Hub
Exam conditions
  • Make sure you understand and comply with the procedures that apply to centrally scheduled University examinations
  • You must not disturb or distract other students
  • Time limits must be strictly adhered to, taking into account any extra time allocated on a LAP
  • When moving inside or outside the exam venue (if relevant to your alternative exam arrangements), create as little disturbance or distraction as possible, in consideration of other students completing their exams
Student expectations and responsibilities
  • The USC Student Expectations and Responsibilities apply
  • Be respectful towards all university staff members who are assisting with the exam sitting
  • Maintain confidentiality and be respectful towards other students
Assistive technology
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are confident with using assistive technology prior to using the software in an exam setting
  • AccessAbility Services is unable to respond to short-notice requests for the use of assistive technology
  • Maintain realistic expectations about the capabilities of your scribe
  • You have been allowed extra time in the exam due to the additional demands of using a scribe
  • You should only speak to the scribe to:
    • Dictate your answer to questions
    • Tell the scribe how you would like your answer presented
    • Answer the scribe’s questions about spelling or confirmation of what was said
    • Ask the scribe to read back your work or repeat a question
  • You should speak clearly and slowly, and indicate punctuation, headings, layout etc
  • You should be in full agreement with everything that has been written by the scribe
  • You, not the scribe, are responsible for the information presented on the exam paper
  • At the end of the exam you should read through the whole exam paper to ensure that all information is correct (note that the time taken for this task is NOT in addition to the time allocated to complete the exam)
  • If you have a print disability, the scribe will read the answers back to you
  • You should ensure that your name and student details are on the exam paper
  • Maintain realistic expectations about the capabilities of your reader
  • You have been allowed extra time in the exam due to the additional demands of using a reader
  • You should only speak to the reader to ask them to read or repeat a question
Students with a reader and/or scribe who cannot attend the exam

If you need further assistance, please contact AccessAbility Services – do not contact the Examinations Office

Tel: 07 5430 1226
Book: Student Hub