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OCC331 Foundational Placement Competencies in Occupational Therapy

This course provides you with a one week intensive simulated practice education experience to prepare you for future placements. This placement course has multiple components: - Pre-placement learning activities within semester 1 OCC academic courses: approx 10 hrs practice education - Pre-placement self-directed learning activities approx 10 hours - Six-day simulated placement occurring in session 5. Students not enrolled any/all semester 1 courses, but enrolling in OCC331 should contact the Course Coordinator by week 4, semester 1 to arrange access to all communications and course materials.

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OCC321 and (OCC442 or OCC452) and enrolled in Program SC440
Semester of offer Subject to change
  • Sunshine Coast Health Institute: Session 5
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2.2A:Computing, Built Environment, Other Health
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