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PSY306 Psychology of Health and Wellbeing

This course introduces you to major theoretical and empirical perspectives on the psychology of health and wellbeing. It examines the psychosocial determinants of health and wellness, and will allow you to see parallels with your own health priorities. It focuses on psychological methods of health protection and illness prevention. The role of health psychology in health care settings, behaviour, stress management and identification and treatment of chronic conditions and life threatening illnesses will be covered.

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PSY207 or (PSY200 and PSY201) or (PSY200 and SCI110 and enrolled in Program AE304 or SE303)
Semester of offer Subject to change
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 1
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 1
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1.4:Psychology, Behavioural Science nec FOE 0907XX
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