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Medical Science

Minor (4)

This minor is only available to students in SC357 Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Accelerated)

For the minor in Medical Science, students must successfully complete 4 courses:

CourseSemester of offerRequisites
CHM202 Organic Chemistry
  • Semester 2
Pre: SCI105 or SCI505
Anti: CHM502
LFS262 Medical Microbiology
  • Semester 2
Pre: MBT263 or LFS261 or MEP263
Anti: MEP252 or MEP253 or MBT253
MLS211 Medical Biochemistry
  • Semester 2
Pre: LFS251
SCI202 Advanced Research Methods and Statistics
  • Semester 2
Pre: SCI110 or BUS101
Anti: ANM203

*Available Semester 1, 2020