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Apply for an undergraduate program from TPP

You can apply directly to USC for an undergraduate place if you are:

  • A current TPP student
  • A former TPP student who has had an enrolment in TPP in the previous two years

If you studied TPP more than two years ago, you should apply through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

Apply online

Completing your application

You can apply online. Start your application by clicking the green button at the top of this page.

Refer to the Online Applications Guide for help completing your application.

Check application dates for the due date. Late applications may be accepted only for programs that remain open.

The online application form allows for three program preferences. Put your most preferred program in the first position. It is recommended that you then list programs in the second and third place that will be a pathway to your preferred program.

For preference advice, contact Student Central.

How is TPP used to gain entry to a program?

Your final grades for TPP are used to determine a selection rank. This is done by using your course grades to calculate your Grade Point Average and converting this to a Selection Rank.

For details on how your selection rank will be calculated, visit TPP and selection ranks.

What is a Grade Point Average (GPA)?

A Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average of all final grades obtained by a student for courses completed within a program. At USC, GPAs are worked out on a 7 point scale, the best possible GPA is a 7. TPP students would need to earn High Distinctions (HD) for all courses to have a GPA of 7.

To find out more about Grade Point Averages refer to the Grades and Grade Point Average (GPA)- Academic Policy.

What is a Selection Rank?

Students applying for university study are assigned separate selection ranks based on each of their prior qualifications, such as previous secondary school and tertiary results, work experience or bridging and preparatory studies.

Selection ranks range from 1 (lowest) to 99.95 (highest) The selection rank assigned based on your TPP bridging studies is determined by your Grade Point Average and the number of courses studied. Students may have other selection ranks if they have completed other qualifications or have relevant work experience.

Regional Preference Scheme

TPP students are eligible for two adjustment points as a part of the Regional Preference Scheme. Under this scheme, two bonus points will be added to a student's selection rank for eligible students.

Can I get direct entry into all undergraduate degree programs after completing TPP?

No. Some high-demand degree programs, such as the Bachelor of Midwifery and the Bachelor of Dietetics (Honours), have program cut-offs that are too high to achieve with TPP study.

Your selection rank must be high enough to meet the minimum selection threshold required in order to be considered for direct entry. You must also meet any subject prerequisites and English language requirements for the program you want to study.

Other qualifications

If you have other qualifications that you want assessed for a Selection Rank you should provide copies of the documents so that the qualifications can be verified. Suitable documents would be a certificate of completion and a transcript of results. Students may be awarded a selection rank based on the documented qualifications. Each eligible qualification will receive a separate selection rank. Selection ranks from separate qualifications are not added together.

Getting an offer
Offer process

After your final TPP grades are released at the end of semester, Student Services and Engagement will calculate your Grade Point Average based on your grades and then convert this to a Selection Rank. Check the Academic Calendar for the date results are released.

Additional Selection Ranks will also be determined for applicants who provide evidence of completion of other qualifications or work experience.

Applicants may need to demonstrate that they meet other entry requirements such as subject pre-requisites and English language ability for those from non-English speaking backgrounds. To find the program entry requirements check the 'Why study this program?' tab for the programs in which you are interested.

If your highest Selection Rank is equal to or higher than the minimum selection threshold required for your preferred program and you meet any other entry requirements such as subject pre-requisites, you will be eligible for an offer for that program.

If you do not meet the requirements for your first preference we will look to your second and third preferences. If you do not meet the requirements for any of your listed preferences we will contact you to discuss your options.

Notification of offer

Offers are made as soon as possible after grade release and entry requirements for programs are known. In the admissions period for Semester 1, it can take several weeks with multiple offer rounds before all offers are made to TPP students applying for undergraduate places. In the admissions period for Semester 2 and Session 8 (Summer), most offers can be made within a week of grade release.

A formal offer of an undergraduate place will be sent via email to your USC student email address.

Accepting your offer

Follow the steps at Getting started at USC to accept your offer, complete your compulsory To-Do List forms and enrol online in USC Central. Visit USC Central Guide for instructions on how to use USC Central.

Deferring an offer

You can also choose to defer your offer for up to two years.

For more information about deferring your studies, visit How to defer.

If you are a deferred applicant, visit How to take up your deferred place.

For more information please contact Student Central.