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Expert course contributors

Students at UniSC’s Thompson Institute have the benefit of hearing from a range of expert contributors during their studies.

Below are some of the experts who have contributed to the postgraduate and higher degree by research programs. Some of them are also available for supervising research students via the contact details on their bio pages.

Daniel Hermens
Professor Daniel Hermens

Daniel Hermens is Professor of Youth Mental Health and Neurobiology at the Thompson Institute and leads the ground breaking, world first Longitudinal Adolescent Brain Study (LABS) which is tracking brain development throughout its most dynamic phase of adolescence.

Christina Driver
Dr Christina Driver

Dr Chrissie Driver is a Lecturer in Mental Health and Neuroscience at UniSC, and part of the Longitudinal Adolescent Brain Study and Youth Mental Health team, at the Thompson Institute.

Liz Askew
Liz Askew

Liz Askew is the Educational Designer for the Thompson Institute's Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Mental Health and Neuroscience. Liz has experience in providing learning and teaching support to academic staff in the design of curriculum enhanced by educational technologies.

Zack Shan
Associate Professor Zack Shan

Zack Shan heads the neuroimaging platform at UniSC's Thompson Institute. He also leads research aiming to understand the underlying illness process of ME/CFS and develop brain imaging criteria that will aid ME/CFS diagnoses.

Mervat Quirke
Mervat Quirke

Mervat Quirke leads the partnership strategy at UniSC’s Thompson Institute, where she develops strategic partnerships with community, specialist and government groups locally, nationally and globally.

Trish Howard
Trish Howard

Trish Howard is an experienced marketing and engagement professional, who promotes and gains public participation in the Thompson Institute's ground-breaking mental health initiatives, spanning research, clinical services, education, and the award-winning The Alliance for Suicide Prevention - Sunshine Coast.

Mia Schaumberg
Dr Mia Schaumberg

Dr Mia Schaumberg is a Senior Lecturer in Physiology at UniSC with a research passion is exercise physiology and healthy ageing, particularly in relation to endocrine function, cognition, bone health and falls risk.

Dr Alison Willis
Dr Alison Willis

Dr Alison Willis is a Senior Lecturer in Education at UniSC. Her research investigates the effects of disruption, stress and trauma on learning. Alison’s research interests include the roles of teachers in helping student overcome the effects of stress and trauma.

Associate Professor Jane Taylor

Associate Professor Jane Taylor the Discipline Leader for Public Health at UniSC with 25 years of professional health promotion experience.

Karen-Ann Clarke
Dr Karen-Ann Clarke

Dr Karen-Ann Clarke is a highly skilled mental health nurse. Working from a trauma-informed pedagogy, an important aspect of her teaching within the mental health space is the reduction of stigma for those people living with mental illness by emphasising the concept of person-centred recovery.

Dr Kayla Stefanidis
Dr Kayla Stefanidis

Dr Kayla Stefanidis is a research fellow at UniSC with a PhD in cerebrovascular function and age-related cognitive decline.