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Get the latest research news on the Longitudinal Adolescent Brain Study.

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‘People’s Choice’ award for LABS researcher
8 Nov 2021

Congratulations to one of our team! LABS researcher Amanda Boyes was named the People’s Choice Award winner in this year’s USC Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition.

The LABS data so far
8 Nov 2021

We are constantly gathering data on youth mental health, but it’s important to us that we don’t keep it to ourselves.

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Evaluate LABS and win
8 Nov 2021

You could win a family pass (2 adults, 2 children) to Aussie World or Australia Zoo, simply by completing a survey.

Updated attire for MRI
7 Nov 2021

Cotton scrubs are now required for all participants.

Reaching the half-way point of LABS
16 Jul 2021

A large cohort of young people are reaching the half-way point of their involvement in the five-year Longitudinal Adolescent Brain Study.

Brain changer workshops to shape young minds
15 Jul 2021

Did you know you have the power to change your brain and therefore your health? PhD candidate Kassie Bromley wants to show adolescents how, through workshops at schools.

Predicting a young person's risk of distress
15 Jul 2021

UniSC researchers have built a system that predicts a young person’s likelihood of experiencing psychological distress, which is when someone has deeply unpleasant feelings that are overwhelming.

LABS exceeds 100 participants
15 Jul 2021

We recently celebrated the 100th participant to join LABS.

Dan Hermens
WATCH: COVID impacts and health
19 Nov 2020

LABS principal investigator Professor Dan Hermens shares the latest science into how physical activity levels during the pandemic affect youth mental health and the brain.

Watch: how do brain rhythms affect youth mental health?
13 Nov 2020

PhD candidate at UniSC's Thompson Institute, Dash Sacks, examines rhythms in the brain much like a mechanic may check the timing of a car.

Amanda Boyes holds brain model
Unlocking a mystery deep within our brains
6 Oct 2020

Could a part of your brain known to control movement also play a role in your mental wellbeing? PhD candidate Amanda Boyes aims to find out.

A dedicated Dash to mental health
4 Jun 2020

PhD Candidate Dash Sacks is investigating the brain's signals - the instructions sent to the body by millions of neurons - and the brain's white matter - a fatty part of the brain that supports the transmission of those signals through electrical activity.

Guided mindfulness for children, teens and parents
2 Jun 2020

Research shows mindfulness can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.