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Youth Mental Health

Three-quarters of mental disorders occur before the age of 25 years. The Thompson Institute is conducting novel clinical and neurobiological studies to better understand and support the mental health of young people.
Longitudinal adolescent brain study

An ambitious, world-first study of the brain and its exciting changes through adolescence.

Adolescent brain development and its links to mental health have never before been thoroughly recorded using advanced neuroimaging - we're changing that.

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Cyberbullying impact research

The first study to use functional MRI to understand the impacts of cyberbullying on young people.

Brain Changer school workshops

We’re visiting schools to teach young people five ways to supercharge their brains.

Students will learn how nutrition, sleep, exercise, mindfulness and social connectedness can change the brain and influence mental health.

Combatting Anxiousness for Learning Minds (CALM)

Understanding how anxiousness impacts children's attention and how mindfulness can help.


Changing Minds: How a teacher-turned-neuroscientist is helping teenage brains

Guidance counsellor-turned neuroscientist returns to the classroom, to deliver a pilot program shaping healthy teenage brains.

Size matters when it comes to the ‘tail’ of a teenager’s brain

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to the ‘tail’ of a teenager’s brain, researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast have found.

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