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No gavels, no hearsay and lots of drinking: a law expert ranks legal dramas by their accuracy
26 Sep 2023

Most legal dramas are terrible at capturing the realities of law, Dr Dale Mitchell writes for The Conversation.

UniSC researcher named Australasia’s future leader in road safety
26 Sep 2023

A University of the Sunshine Coast researcher has been recognised with an Australasian award for her efforts to better understand – and change – risky road behaviours.

A national digital ID scheme is being proposed. An expert weighs the pros and (many more) cons
26 Sep 2023

While a national scheme to protect our digital identities is well overdue, getting it wrong could lead to even greater damage, Dr Erica Mealy writes for The Conversation.

Chancellor's Medallist James Hill, Counselling
It's celebration time for UniSC's graduating students
25 Sep 2023

More than 700 excited graduating students committed to a better future for themselves, their communities and beyond are celebrating at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s spring graduation.

Creative ambitions: Healthy ageing project could start a movement
22 Sep 2023

A very simple creative project at the University of the Sunshine Coast has hit on a winning formula for improving the lives of older Australians.

Excessive screen time can affect young people’s emotional development
21 Sep 2023

The time young people spend on screens has been linked with an array of mental health issues, Dr Rachael Sharman and Associate Professor Michael Nagel write for The Conversation

The results are in: Beach health report to shape biosphere coastline
21 Sep 2023

The health of the Sunshine Coast’s beaches, headlands, lower estuaries and coastal lagoons are in the spotlight after a regional-first investigation that will help shape the future of the Biosphere’s coastline.

Rapid detection vital in deadly bat-borne virus outbreak
20 Sep 2023

A University of the Sunshine Coast researcher who has helped develop a simple dipstick test to screen for the highly infectious Nipah virus says rapid detection is critical to controlling deadly outbreaks.

Smouldering forest after bushfire
What does El Niño have in store? UniSC experts explain
19 Sep 2023

Hot and dry, with a greater chance of bushfires – welcome to an El Niño spring and summer.

Professor Dan Hermens at the MRI machine
Brain links to children’s anxiety: study results
18 Sep 2023

MRI scans have shown that practising mindfulness can help rewire the brain connectivity of pre-teens with anxiety and attention issues, in new UniSC Thompson Institute research.

After cancer setback, early offer to study at UniSC has Zara dancing with joy
15 Sep 2023

The typical challenges of senior schooling and uncertainty about future study options takes on a whole new meaning when you are going through life-saving cancer treatment–but Year 12 Maroochydore High School student  Zara Davis found hope through an early offer from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Flying the flag for Indigenous Peoples on a global stage; a UniSC student’s journey to the UN
15 Sep 2023

UniSC student Jerome Wano travelled to United Nations Headquarters in New York City as part of a contingent representing Indigenous Peoples of Australia and New Zealand at the 2023 United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), an opportunity Jerome grabbed with both hands and his whole heart.

Getty Images; Credit Kristian Bell
Dingoes have more harmful mutations than world’s inbred dog breeds: genetics study
14 Sep 2023

Genome sequencing comparisons with wolves, strays and dogs across the world has found Australia’s dingoes have the highest loads of harmful mutations – and diversity levels that are 36 percent lower than the most inbred dogs.

Possible migraine medication set to be trialled at UniSC Clinical Trials
14 Sep 2023

A new medication that is hoped could help people with migraines will soon be trialled at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

TikTok: Katelyn Flood and the Andy Cooks social media juggernaut
13 Sep 2023

UniSC Communication graduate Katelyn Flood and her partner Andy Cooks turned misfortune into a social media success story that has seen them travel the world and collaborate with other like-minded celebrity chefs.

Spring 2023: a chance to undo beach erosion
12 Sep 2023

Drier El Nino conditions this spring may give South East Queensland beaches a chance to replenish after three years of wet weather damage, according to scientists recording the cycle with cutting-edge drone mapping techniques.

Internationally successful lecturer and UniSC alumnus returning to his roots
12 Sep 2023

Environmental microbiologist Dr Kenneth (Ken) Wasmund is a local boy from Woombye who completed his Bachelor of Science, honours degree and a PhD at UniSC, and is now a lecturer at the University of Portsmouth in the UK; this month, Ken returned to visit UniSC and the teachers who contributed to his success.

Google Chrome just rolled out a new way to track you and serve ads. Here’s what you need to know
11 Sep 2023

Instead of third-party cookies, Chrome can now tap directly into your browsing history to gather information on advertising “topics”, Dr Erica Mealy writes for The Conversation.

Free pop-up clinics put the focus on health ageing
8 Sep 2023

How to stay ‘healthy at home’ is the theme of a series of free pop-up health clinics and community education workshops for older residents, to be held in Gympie, Tin Can Bay, Imbil and Kilkivan as part of Seniors Month during October

UniSC to trial potential new treatment for coeliac disease
7 Sep 2023

The University of the Sunshine Coast Clinical Trials Centre will soon begin a trial of a potential new treatment for coeliac disease in people who have symptoms despite following a gluten-free diet.

Taking on the world one surprising career at a time
6 Sep 2023

Nathania Roy has been a hairstylist and beauty therapist, written curriculum as an educator, trained as a counsellor in sex and relationship therapy, and ran her family’s business – all before the age of 30  – and now, she’s a nursing student at UniSC, and loving it, much to her surprise.

The simple act that left a lasting impression on Kristie-Anne's nursing career
6 Sep 2023

When Kristie-Anne woke up feeling confused and vulnerable, a simple act from an on-duty nurse left an impression her that has influenced her own nursing career.

Chelsea’s future falls into place with an early offer to university
5 Sep 2023

The pressure of upcoming external exams and uncertainty about what happens once school ends is something Year 12 St Mary’s College student Chelsea Campbell no longer worries about.

Nalu the sea turtle is back where she belongs
5 Sep 2023

The recent release of a rehabilitated green sea turtle named Nalu back into the waters of the Great Sandy Strait has reinforced why local turtle rescue and research efforts are a priority for UniSC on the Fraser Coast.

Shiny new collection attracts Australia’s ‘Big Things’ expert
4 Sep 2023

Until recently, Big Things have been dismissed as ‘kitschy’ or ’tacky’, and not ’serious’ art, UniSC historian and expert on Australia's Big Things Dr Amy Clarke explains.

Nursing the dream with first PhD graduate from UniSC Caboolture
4 Sep 2023

At 53, Jennifer Derner never thought she’d be at the finish line of a PhD – and yet there she is, preparing to graduate as the first ever PhD awarded from UniSC’s Caboolture campus.

As more disasters loom, helping people help each other is key: UniSC study
1 Sep 2023

A new study will gather insights from the way coastal communities across four states worked together during recent disasters, to inform ways Australia can adapt to a future with more frequent and intense weather events.

National disaster resilience and migrant wellbeing: UniSC research attracts $820,000
1 Sep 2023

From novel heritage storytelling to support migrant wellbeing to building community disaster resilience, UniSC has secured Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards totalling more than $820,000 from the Australian Research Council to deliver innovative projects with national impact.