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Chelsea’s future falls into place with an early offer to university

The pressure of upcoming external exams and uncertainty about what happens once school ends is something Year 12 St Mary’s College student Chelsea Campbell no longer worries about.

It is only the start of September, but she is already celebrating an offer to study a Bachelor of Nursing Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Fraser Coast campus next year.

“It is amazing to know you have already secured an offer for university before you even finish school,” says Chelsea, who is among more than 400 Year 12 students included in the first UniSC early offers rounds.

“When I received my offer, it was a massive weight off my shoulders because this is my next step in life, and it is incredible to know that it is all sorted.”

The Early Offer Guarantee gives students the chance to receive an offer to study at UniSC as early as August, long before ATARs and final Year 12 results are released.

It is based on recommendations from school principals who consider each student’s academic performance, talents and interests.

Chelsea had little problem proving she had the right level of motivation, commitment and ability to succeed at university.

By the end of Year 12, she will have completed a Certificate 2 and 3 in Health Care Assistance through TAFE, along with her school subjects.

“Early on we were told to pick subjects based on what we wanted to study after completing senior, and initially I had no idea, but then when I thought about nursing it all fell into place,” Chelsea said.

“I knew I wanted to help and care for people – and that’s exactly what a career in nursing will allow me to do, and across so many different areas of need.

It is not only Chelsea feeling a huge sense of relief after receiving the early offer guarantee.

“I was running up and down the corridor screaming when it arrived. I think I was even more excited than Chelsea,” said her mother Michelle.

“It means so much for Chelsea to have this opportunity to stay home and complete a degree that will allow her to gain the career she really wants.”

All early offers made before the last day of school are conditional on completing Year 12 and students need to meet all the subject prerequisites and other program-specific requirements for their chosen degree.

Year 12 students can apply for early offers in more than 100 undergraduate programs across UniSC's five campuses. More details here.

Chelsea Campbell and St Mary's College Technology Lead and eLearning Coordinator Kirsty Patterson.

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