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How your teen can make the most of the summer months to prepare for uni success

The summer months before university begins provide a valuable window of opportunity them to prepare for the exciting journey ahead. Beyond the leisurely days, this break presents an ideal time for teens to equip themselves for the transition to higher education. Here's a guide for parents on how teens can utilise the summer months for future success at university.

Cultivate essential life skills

University life demands independence and self-reliance, particularly for students who are moving out of home for the first time. Use this time to teach practical skills like cooking, budgeting, time management, and basic household chores. These skills will be invaluable when your teen leaves the nest.

Develop a reading habit

Encourage your teen to create a reading list encompassing diverse genres. Whether it's literature related to their field of study or books that broaden their perspectives, reading enhances critical thinking, communication, and knowledge acquisition—essential skills for university.

Research university resources

The months before uni commences are a great opportunity for your teen to explore their future universities' resources. They can familiarise themselves with campus facilities, academic support services, student clubs, and extracurricular activities, like joining a sports team. This knowledge will ease their transition and help them navigate university life more confidently.

Foster personal growth

Help your teen identify personal goals for the upcoming university experience—be it developing leadership and professional skills, making new friends, or embracing diversity. Cultivating a growth mindset is invaluable. At UniSC, our Students as Partners program can help you make connections and assist you to participate in extra-curricular activities to build graduate attributes and enhance employability.

Embrace technology for learning

Online platforms offer a multitude of educational resources. Encourage your teen to explore podcasts, webinars, or educational apps related to their academic interests. Utilising these tools enhances their learning experiences and better prepares them for how they’ll learn at university. UniSC’s approach to learning and teaching offers students access to a range of materials that are relevant and more meaningful to conveying the learning outcomes than the traditional one-way lecture. Our students learn through podcasts, simulations, screencasts, recorded discussions and formative quizzes, so it can be helpful to gain experience with digital learning platforms before you start your degree.

Prioritise wellbeing

Above all, emphasise the importance of self-care. Prioritising wellbeing ensures a strong foundation for success, so encourage a balanced lifestyle that includes physical activity, relaxation, and maintaining social connections. It’s important for your child to enjoy the Summer that lies ahead, but to also continue looking after themselves when university begins. UniSC offers a range of health and wellbeing services to help your teen can take care of their mind and body while studying, including counselling, personal support and Safer Communities initiatives and services.

The summer months present a golden opportunity for teens to proactively prepare for the exciting challenges and opportunities that university life offers. By utilising this time effectively, teens can embark on their university journey with confidence, readiness, and a sense of purpose.

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