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Step 3 Formal Grievance Appeal (Final Grade)

A Step 3 Appeal must set out, with supporting evidence, the reasons why you disagree with the outcome of your application of review of final grade or the way in which this outcome was handled. This must be submitted within 10 business days of being notified of that decision.

It is recommended that you review the Student Review and Appeals – Procedures.

Please make note of section 8.2: The appeal must contain the grounds for the appeal and supporting evidence. Grounds for appeal include:

  1. Relevant factors that were not taken into account;
  2. New relevant information; and
  3. Procedural errors.

Please note, it will not be sufficient to assert circumstances, performance, or changes to circumstance without some evidence to substantiate or support your claims.

It is recommended that you reach out to the following student services that can assist you in preparing your Step 3 Appeal:

Student Guild: Call (07) 5456 3742 or email:

Student Ombudsman: can support you to navigate the policies and procedures in relation to your matter. email:

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Grievance details

I am appealing a Step 2 decision related to a review of final mark or grade.

As this was not successful, I am submitting a Step 3 formal grievance.

Clearly state the grounds (see Review of Assessment & Final Grade - Procedures Section 2.1) upon which you will rely to have your appeal heard, include all relevant information and specific details in your appeal.

Supporting evidence (item 1)
Supporting evidence (item 2)
Supporting evidence (item 3)
Supporting evidence (item 4)
Independent support

All students are entitled to seek independent support and advice regarding a complaint or grievance from the Student Guild. USC encourages students to contact the Guild to discuss their complaint or grievance prior to commencing formal grievance procedures. The Student Guild can be contacted on (07) 5456 3742 or email


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  • I have read the information policies and procedures related to my grievance
  • The information provided by me on this form is true and accurate